Who is Alex Bordyukov on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? Meet Victoria Fuller’s New Love Interest

Bachelor in Paradise surprised fans with a new ship to root for at the start of Week 5.

After receiving a date card in Episode 8, formerly all-in-on-Johnny contestant Victoria Fuller asked out one of Split Week’s new men, Alex Bordyukov. The two went on a romantic date, where they discussed Victoria’s relationship with Johnny, her reservations, Alex’s intentions, and what their future could look like together. Honestly? Their connection seemed solid, so we’re interested to see where things go.

So who is Alex Bordyukov? Do Alex and Victoria leave Paradise together? And how did their first date go? We’ve got all the answers. But be warned, spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 8 are ahead.

Who Is Alex Bordyukov on Bachelor in Paradise?

As noted in Decider’s Split Week newbies guide, Alex Bordyukov was originally a contestant on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette (Season 13). He was eliminated from the show during Week 6, but in the years that followed, Bordyukov appeared on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise Australia and Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise Canada.

Photo: ABC

Bordyukov is from Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, and though some answers have likely changed since, an archive of his old Bachelorette bio from 2017 reveals the following (occasionally outrageous!) tidbits:

  • Height: 6’2″
  • Tattoos? No.
  • Would you describe yourself as “the party-starter,” “the wingman” or “the laid back one?” The wingman.
  • What are your three best attributes: Adaptable, logical, fun.
  • What are your 3 worst attributes? Selfish, unemotional, unapologetic.
  • What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done? Ate a live salamander.
  • Who are your top 3 favorite groups/artists & why? Coldplay, Beatles … Can’t really think of a third one. Music isn’t a big part of my life.
  • Who is your favorite artist? The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).
  • What is the most romantic present you have ever given? Why? A car. I like giving practical gifts.
  • Do you consider yourself romantic and why? Yes. I like to treat my significant other like a queen.
  • Do you prefer a woman who wants to be pursued or a woman who pursues you and why? I like a woman that pursues me. I like an aggressive, go-getter type.
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You can learn more about Alex by following him on Instagram, where he currently has 82,000 followers.

How Does Alex Bordyukov and Victoria Fuller’s First Date Go?

As noted in Decider’s Episode 8 recap, Victoria received a date card that read, “It’s never too late to fall in love” and used it to ask Alex on a date. Earlier in the episode, we saw the two finally talking after sharing a sweet, intimate moment the night before, during which Alex rubbed Victoria’s head while she was falling asleep on the couch. Victoria said that Alex was extremely her type, but because she was in a relationship with Johnny she’d been avoiding him at the hotel. She explained that when Alex rubbed her head, she realized the connection was worth exploring, so she decided to give him a chance.

Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

At dinner, Victoria was very open with Adam about her relationship with Johnny, her hesitations about dating someone younger than her who might not be ready for marriage and a family, and her desire to chat with Johnny before they move their relationship forward in any way. Alex assured Victoria that despite “looking like everyone’s douchebag ex boyfriend,” he was a kind, caring man who’s ready to get engaged at the end of the show and wants a family.

Ultimately, the date went well (except for the fact that the two left full, delicious-looking plates of food on the table untouched the entire night). It’s clear that Victoria will have to head back to the beach and chat with Johnny before she can really explore her connection with Alex, so hopefully that happens in Episode 9.

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Reality Steve Rumors: Do Alex Bordyukov and Victoria Fuller Get Engaged or End Up Together on Bachelor in Paradise?

Another warning that spoilers are obviously ahead! We’re serious!

According to Reality Steve’s Paradise 2022 predictions, Alex and Victoria don’t end up engaged at the end of Season 8, nor do they leave the beach together. But Reality Steve does believe Victoria leaves the beach engaged to someone. That’s right, Johnny fans. There may be hope for your boy yet.

New episodes of Bachelor in Paradise air on ABC Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET. Episodes are available for next-day streaming on Hulu.

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