Where Are They Now: Cast Of Hart Of Dixie

Like many The CW TV shows, Hart of Dixie premiered to much anticipation and rode this goodwill for four years before it was canceled in 2015. The show did have its dedicated fanbase, though, who were sad to see it go. Now, years later, the cast has branched out here and there in a number of appearances onscreen.

Most of the show’s cast has continued to feature on TV, although only a few of them have managed to land regular roles. Still, the fans of Hart of Dixie will be very keen to know where the whole gang has been since the series finale.

Updated on January 23rd, 2021 by Saim Cheeda: The CW continues to see success with new shows being introduced on a regular basis. Due to the interest in the network seeing a resurgence, fans have taken to revisiting older shows as well. Hart of Dixie has benefitted from this, as viewers have been quick to check this series out and enjoy the years’ worth of characters onscreen. This has inevitably led to interest being directed towards the cast members, whom fans would love to see in further works while also coming up to speed in their current whereabouts. Due to this, the list has been updated with more actors and the information of the existing names.

Matt Hobby

The actor has done well for himself since his days on Hart of Dixie got over, showing up in a series of TV movies before reaching greater heights on sitcoms. Hobby followed up from Hart of Dixie with an appearance on Mom and a recurring role on The Grinder.

He’s settled in well on another big-time sitcom in the last few years, playing Pastor Jeff in the widely popular Young Sheldon, where he was upgraded to a main cast member starting from the third season.

Reginald VelJohnson

VelJohnson will most likely always be mainly remembered for his role on Die Hard and Family Matters. In the matter of his career after Hart of Dixie, the actor has kept himself busy with a number of guest appearances, mainly on sitcoms.

These include roles on Mom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Girl Meets World. He was even featured in a scene for Avengers: Endgame but the role was ultimately cut from the final version.

Mircea Monroe

Despite appearing a majority of episodes on Hart of Dixie, Mircea Monroe was never exclusive to it. Following the end of the series, she remained a main character on Episodes, which she had simultaneously starred in. Following the end of that sitcom, Monroe has slowed her career down a bit.

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Her prominent film credits include Fifty Shades of Black and Book Club, in between of which she had a main role on the short-lived sitcom Impastor. More recently, she had a recurring role on the police drama The Rookie.

Josh Cooke

Josh Cooke had significant roles on shows like Better with You and Dexter before being cast in Hart of Dixie. Following the end of his character’s arc, the actor and comedian has stuck to making occasional appearances rather than regular roles.

Cooke featured as a guest star on a number of comedy series, including Younger, Young Sheldon, Grace and Frankie, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. He was most recently seen in the historical drama series The Right Stuff.

Antoinette Robertson

Hart of Dixie was the first show where Robertson had a major role to play in. After the end of the series, the actress has chosen to stick with what works and appeared in main roles in a couple of TV shows that have done well.

The first of these was the soap opera The Haves and the Have Nots, which she saw through till 2018. Beginning from 2017, the actress has been a series regular in the Netflix comedy-drama Dear White People.

Kaitlyn Black

Kaitlyn Black didn’t have any noteworthy credits in her filmography before Hart of Dixie, and it appears as if the show was where she had her most noteworthy time on the screen. Since the end of the series, Black’s only had sporadic screen credits.

Her most noticeable appearance has been a single episode on NCIS: New Orleans in 2016, following two TV films titled Babynapped and Killer Single Dad in subsequent years. To the actress’s she’s very talented, as Black is accomplished in theater, ballet, and even tap dancing. She last appeared in off-Broadway in the improv musical #DateMe.

Laura Bell Bundy

Officially, Laura Bel Bundy had a recurring role on the show, but appearing in 24 episodes is enough to indicate she was a significant part of it. While appearing on Hart of Dixie, Laura simultaneously had a main part on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management and a minor role on How I Met Your Mother.

Since then, though the actress hasn’t been able to capture regular roles, she’s been seen in several guest appearances in series like American Gods and Angie Tribeca. Her relative hiatus might be explained due to her focus on her personal life, as she married her husband in 2017 and became a mother in 2019.

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Tim Matheson

One might take a look at Tim Matheson’s filmography and wonder if he’s struggled to find a regular role in a TV series, but it’s actually due to him preferring to be a director than an actor that he hasn’t been seen regularly onscreen.

He’s directed several shows in the last few years such as Person of Interest, Lucifer, and The Last Ship, before nabbing a main role in 2019’s Virgin River and a part on This Is Us. His break from movies also ended when he appeared in the Child’s Play reboot. The 73-year-old is also father to three fully-grown children.

McKaley Miller

Young actors can never be written off and can be expected to experience a resurgence at some point eventually. McKaley Miller starred in Ma alongside Oscar winner Octavia Davis in 2019 and had an appearance in the Charmed reboot in a guest-starring capacity.

She’s active on social media, where fans can get an insight into what she’s up to on a frequent basis. Her status as a young actor means she’s frequently popping around in TV series such as Into the Dark and 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Wilson Bethel

Wilson Bethel was just a 27-year-old young man when he starred as the main love interest on Hart of Dixie, and now as a mature performer, he’s been venturing into older roles. Fans of the superhero show Daredevil are very familiar with Wilson, who had appeared as one of the villains in Dex — that’s Bullseye, for those unaware of the series.

He also showed up on How to Get Away With Murder before landing a regular in the legal drama series titled All Rise. His personal life isn’t as well-documented as his professional one, but if he continues to gain further notoriety, people will be sure to keep track of this actor.

Cress Williams

At the present time, Cress is the most famous name to graduate from Hart of Dixie. His fame has been relatively new, with Black Lightning bringing him the attention all actors want. Cress was also active before landing his star-making role; these had been recurring roles in Code Black and Doubt.

He’s now firmly entrenched in the DC Universe, with the actor lending his voice as Steel in The Death of Superman and Reign of Superman. His film career is also experiencing a surge, as he’s turned up in The Violent Heart in 2020.

Claudia Lee

The second youngster on this list is still in the midst of making a name for herself in Hollywood. Claudia Lee served in a recurring capacity on Hart of Dixie, and remains best-known for this show, following which she’s continued to appear in both film and TV.

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She was seen on Girl Meets World, after which she had a recurring role on Famous in Love. It might be her film career that helps her reach further heights, as Lee had roles in 2017’s The Outcasts and 2018’s Haunting on Fraternity Row.

Jaime King

Known more for her successful career as a model than an actress, Jaime King has been working hard to expand her stature in acting. She’s been good at that, too, landing several parts in varying capacities. She had her true breakout has been on Black Summer, which premiered in 2019.

She’s supplemented the TV series with her film career that has seen two releases in Escape Plan 2 and Escape Plan: The Extractors. King will also have her first true leading movie role appearing in Out of Death alongside Bruce Willis.

Scott Porter

Scott Porter went the voice acting route and land several gigs there. The actor has been extremely active in voice roles across mediums, with him playing Star-Lord in Telltale Games’ Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as featuring in Injustice 2, Madden NFL, and Lego DC Super-Villains – all these in the video game industry.

On TV, he showed up on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and was heard in Avengers: Assemble. Porter is also a main voice actor in the Harley Quinn TV series and has landed another live-action leading gig on the drama series Ginny & Georgia.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson poses as Dixie in Hart Of Dixie

The star of Hart of Dixie has been busier as a mother following the birth of her daughter in 2014. Her movie credits haven’t seen any additions since appearing in a cameo in American Heist while her TV roles have been relatively on the lower side as well.

Bilson was seen in a short-lived lead role in a sitcom titled Take Two in 2018, which had followed recurring and guest roles on Nashville and Drunk History. She was again cast in the series Lovestruck in 2019, although that hasn’t picked up in following years.

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