When the foal lost its mother, the kind dog became the foal’s support and close friend. He comforted him during a difficult period of his life

An orphaned pony and a rescued dog comfort each other in times of danger. They are close friends and always support each other in all difficult and troublesome situations.

There are people who only care about animals. But unfortunately, there are people who mistreat animals.

There are people who abuse animals. They simply don’t know how much love and attention they need.

It is very difficult when an animal loses its mother. In this story, a foal lost its mother when it was young. The foal was nine years old when its mother died.

The foal was named Tye. That day he found a lovely and friendly dog ​​friend named Zip. Zip is an Australian herding dog.

The dog feels that the pony needs help and someone helps the dog calm down. The pony has received support from this friendly dog ​​during a very difficult period of his life.

Here is the video:

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