What you see for the first time in this ominous optical illusion reveals a lot about you…and you might not like it

The FIRST thing you notice about this optical illusion promises to reveal a lot about your personality… even if it hurts a little.

This awesome optical illusion will assess your perspective in seconds and reveal your hidden features.


What is the first thing you see when you look at this black and white image? Credit: Tom Fritzson

All you have to do is simply say what you see in this creepy black and white image.

The painting, created by American artist Tom Fritzson, can trick you as you try to interpret your individual features.

This is because the puzzle can be seen in different ways… but what do you see?

A woman with her hands behind her neck

If you have seen a woman hunched over with her hands behind her neck, this suggests that people might think you are defending yourself.

Those with a cautious demeanor are more likely to register an image like this, according to Mind Journal.

As the mysterious figure curls up in a fetal position, details of her hair, spine, and limbs are easily seen.

Those who have noticed a woman are probably feeling stuck and emotionally drained right now.

Perhaps you feel that you have been yearning to learn how to take the leap and make important decisions that will significantly affect your life.

It’s important not to let fear of the unknown rule your mind, so take on new challenges and push yourself.

Don’t worry too much about the analysis, because spotting a woman also suggests that you have stellar imagination and problem-solving skills to make up for it.

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big skull

Those who instead see the large skull in the Gothic portrait tend to be strong leaders, with hundreds of obstacles to overcome.

Despite setbacks, you are able to persevere through difficult times and accept whatever comes your way.

Even if you are going through a difficult time, your strong sense of leadership will see you through it.

And this quality is obvious to everyone around you, because in difficult times you always appear with a positive attitude.

But maybe you should be kinder to yourself, says Mind Journal.

If you feel like you need to change some habits to be better, do it.

However, remember not to lose the shine that makes you so strong and influential. Learn to accept and adapt your best qualities.

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