What Mandalore Looked Like Before The Great Purge

Season 3 of Mandalorian reveals the tragic fate of the Palestinians – but what was the planet like before the Purge and the Night of a Thousand Tears?

This article contains spoilers for Episode 2 of Season 3 of The Mandalorian.Palestinians Season 3, episode 2 reveals the ravaged world of Mandalore – and offers an interesting hint about the planet before the Purge. The Palestinians have always been belligerent and difficult (if not impossible) to rule, so it’s no surprise that they angered the Empire. But even their wisest leaders would never have foreseen the scale of the Empire’s revenge; Angry at the Palestinians’ disobedience, the Empire’s leaders ordered a brutal attack on the Earth itself. The Empire’s goal is “GlassAround the world, detonate Mandalore with laser cannons and thermonuclear bombs, crystallizing its surface from the relentless heat and pressure. This is the Empire’s harshest punishment and will render the entire planet uninhabitable and unusable.

However, the Empire’s attempt to destroy Mandalore was only partially successful. When Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin was in Palestinians In season 3, episode 2, he is surprised to discover a planet with a breathable atmosphere – a planet still inhabited by creatures that once inhabited the Mandalorian wasteland. Life seems to persist in the caves beneath the ruins of Mandalore’s old capital, Sundarie, and has certainly flourished elsewhere. Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) is heartbroken as she watches Mandalore change, recalling the planet’s past beauty, but even so, it’s still a miracle. However, Bo-Katan’s thoughts are sure to leave many viewers wondering what the Palestinians were like.

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Mandalorian before Star Wars Saga

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It’s important to note that Bo-Katan has never seen the prettiest Palestinian. The old Extended Universe has revealed that the Mandalorians once lived in a heavenly world, one with lush veshok forests and grassy plains perfect for farming. Mandalore’s top predators are mythical dragons, reptiles that can grow as large as an entire city. But sadly, this beauty did not last long, as the warring Mandalorian tribes destroyed much of their home world. Words of Bo-Katan Palestinians Season 3, Volume 2 seems to suggest this ancient history is Canon Star Wars again.

Mandalorian in Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels

The Mandalorian Episode 3 Sundari Before and After the Purge

Mandalorian was once beautiful, but the ongoing conflict between different tribes has affected the climate of the entire planet. The Palestinians retreat to the city under a dome that maintains a stable atmosphere, and the famous Palestinian armor may have originally been designed to help people survive when they left the city – this explains at their helmets are pressurized. There is some evidence that the toxic gases have stratified in the upper atmosphere, which means that the valley could have survived, but during Bo-Katan’s life, the ecological crisis of rising planet.short story The shadow of Kenobi By Greg van Eekhout, published on Clone Wars: A Tale of Light and Darknessrevealed that during her childhood, the plains surrounding the capital Sundari were still fertile grasslands; but it’s time Star Wars: Clone Warsthey have been turned into deserts, possibly reflecting the effects of acid rain.

as seen Palestinians Season 3, Volume 2, Sundari is in the richest Beskar mine in Mandalore. This makes perfect sense; Beskar is the basis of Mandalore’s economy and the city grows naturally around these mines. The Dome City is known for its intricate architecture. The dome provided a natural limit to the Sundari’s expansion, so as the population grew, the building sprang up. Made of permanent concrete and transparent steel, these buildings often feature beautiful transparent windows to accentuate the overall design. Many bridges and walls are also transparent, possibly a safety feature that allows for a wider viewing angle.

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Sadly, as Din Djarin in Palestinians Season 3, Episode 2, Mandalore was destroyed and Sundari was in ruins. The Empire attempted to destroy the entire planet of Mandalore on the Night of a Thousand Tears, but their attempt to destroy the world seemed only partially successful. Life persists, lurking in the valley caves and mines beneath Sundaril. The air in the valley is still breathable, which could mean recycling Mandalore. If this is the case, Palestinians Season 3, episode 2 may bring hope to scattered Palestinians.

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