What is YouTube’s Upgraded 1080p Premium option?

YouTube has announced that it is rolling out an upgraded 1080p Premium option for web users and some TV devices. 

The new option, which is available to YouTube Premium subscribers, offers a higher bitrate than the standard 1080p option, resulting in sharper visuals and less compression.

The update was confirmed to The Verge and Paul Pennington told The Verge: “YouTube’s higher-quality 1080p option is now available for all Premium subscribers on desktop globally.” 

The upgraded 1080p Premium option is currently available on the YouTube web client for desktop computers, as well as on some TV devices, including Google’s non-Android-based Chromecasts and game consoles. 

YouTube has not yet announced a specific timeline for when the new option will be available on all supported devices.

If you don’t have YouTube Premium then the platform has the normal 1080p option which is still pretty much the same as the advanced bitrate version.

\YouTube says that the upgraded 1080p Premium option is particularly beneficial for videos with a lot of motion, such as action movies or sports broadcasts. The higher bitrate helps to reduce compression artefacts, which can make the video look blurry or pixelated.


YouTube has also recently raised the Premium subscription plan from $12 to $14 and the company is testing many new features to make its subscription plan stand out. 

Recently the company announced a screen lock feature that has been part of Netflix for years so that users don’t have to worry about pausing or skipping videos.

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