What Is TikTok’s Viral ‘Human Emotion’ Quiz & How Do You Play It?

The latest trend on TikTok is the ‘What Human Emotion Are You’ quiz, which requires users to answer a series of questions to find out what type of ‘feeling’ best describes them. Quizzes are popular on TikTok, with several of them going viral over the last few years. Last year, a South Korean color personality test became popular on TikTok. It required users to answer a bunch of questions before it revealed a detailed analysis of a user’s personality along with a matching color.

Like most video-sharing platforms, different trends become popular on TikTok for no apparent reason. Sometimes it’s a dance, sometimes it’s a new filter, and sometimes it’s a crazy recipe. Recently, a ‘healthy coke’ recipe went viral on TikTok, with creators trying a supposedly healthy version of the soda made using balsamic vinegar and flavored sparkling water. There’s no way to predict what’s going to become popular on TikTok, but that’s part of the reason why the app is popular.

Currently, the ‘Human Emotion’ quiz is trending on TikTok, with creators taking to the platform to post their results. The quiz isn’t actually built into TikTok, and is instead hosted on a third-party website called uQuiz. The Russian website is a quiz platform, with trending quizzes displayed on the homepage. Currently, the ‘What Human Emotion Are You?’ quiz has over 3.3 million takers, and is the top trending quiz on the site. Users can search for the quiz name on the website, or click on this link to play it.

How To Play The Human Emotion Quiz

There are several copycat human emotion/human feeling quizzes on uQuiz, so it’s important to pick the right one. The link shared above opens the quiz in English, but there is a version in Russian as well. Once on the quiz page, users need to enter their name (it doesn’t have to be their actual name) and tap on Start Quiz to begin answering the questions. There are 10 questions in total, giving users random choices from picking a color to a movie to a snack. At the end of the quiz, users are asked to type something in a text box, but this is entirely optional. The quiz then generates a ‘human emotion’ that best defines the user’s personality.

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Depending on the answers selected, users can get results like ‘joy’, ‘anger’, ‘tired’, ‘humility’, and ‘sadness’, to name a few. The emotion is accompanied by a description of the personality, which users report being eerily accurate. Once a user has the result, they can share it on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, Tumblr, and Messenger through the results page. On TikTok, users will need to post a screenshot of their results in a video. Even if the goal isn’t to share the quiz results on TikTok, the Human Emotion quiz is quick and fun to take.

Source: uQuiz

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