What is Fav Princess Peach Filter on Tiktok? Why is it banned from the App? How to get it

Do you want to know what is the Fav Princess Peach filter on Tiktok? Find out why it is prohibited and how to use this feature and become a darling princess by using the filter.

TikTok was recently inundated with a controversial filter called “Princess Peach” that shocked netizens. The platform is no stranger to provocative filters, and the latest addition to this trend is the “Favorite Princess Peach” filter, which has generated discussion and attention online.

The “Favorite Princess Peach” filter is inspired by the character Princess Peach from the popular Mario video game franchise. However, this filter is not safe to work (NSFW) and aims to shock or offend users by unexpectedly presenting explicit content.

When using the filter, users are shown two images of Princess Peach. The first image of her shows her with one arm outstretched and a surprised expression on her face, while the second image is a close-up of Princess Peach standing with her arms crossed.

To choose, users are instructed to tilt their neck towards one of the images. Regardless of which image the user selects, the second image is transformed into an explicit representation of Princess Peach upon selection.

What is TikTok Fav Princess Peach Filter?

The “Fav Princess Peach” filter is just one example of the viral “777 filters” that have been circulating on TikTok recently. These filters work in a similar way, displaying explicit content that contains characters from various media properties. Despite TikTok’s efforts to combat them, these filters have been difficult to fully remove.

Interestingly, these filters elicited amusing reactions from TikTokers. While the videos may be heavily edited, the genuine surprise and expressions on users’ faces when they encounter the filter have won over millions of viewers over the past two days.

Whether the proliferation of 777 filters will be remembered on TikTok as a significant incident similar to the events of December 22 remains to be seen. Only time will tell the lasting impact and legacy of these filters on the platform.

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The Princess Peach filter that gained popularity on TikTok shares similarities with other NSFW filters found on the platform. Users are asked to select the desired image of Princess Peach from two options displayed side by side.

One image shows Princess Peach with a surprised expression on her face, raising one arm, while the other image is a close-up of Princess Peach with her arms crossed.

Regardless of the option chosen, an explicit NSFW image of Princess Peach is revealed, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter it. This type of filter design is not unique, as similar formats have been used on TikTok to assess user preferences in different contexts.

For example, there are variants that show K-pop groups or idols, as well as filters that show characters from TV shows where users choose their favorite characters.

More generally, some filters use brackets that require users to tilt their head left and right until they reach the desired option, like their favorite K-pop group or song.

However, the Fav Princess Peach filter on TikTok surprised many users because they were not prepared for the explicit nature of the images that awaited them after the selection.

Fav Princess Peach Filter revolves around the well-known character Princess Peach from the Super Mario franchise. At first, some users may have expected a comparison between the previous animated depictions of Peaches and the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie.

However, their expectations quickly turned to surprise when they tilted their heads and were unexpectedly exposed to NSFW content featuring Princess Peach.

Why is it banned on ‘Tiktok’ app?

The Princess Peach filter, known for its explicit and inappropriate content, is no longer available on TikTok, leading users to believe it has been “banned”.

However, videos showing people’s surprised reactions to the filter can still be found on the platform, serving as a warning against engaging in such trends.

Users actively point out the inappropriateness of NSFW filters like the Fav Princess Peach filter and urge others to avoid them. Instead, they encourage engagement with other nice and safe filters.

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Some users regret and advise against trying such filters, admitting that they should have stayed away from them in the first place. Due to the influence of these filters, users could not see Princess Peach and other characters in the same way.

Unfortunately, reports indicate that there are additional NSFW video filters that feature various TikTok characters, including Mario, The Incredible Hulk, Hello Kitty, Sonic, and even Mr. Clean. This trend has also spread to anime characters.

Given the wide availability of these NSFW filters on TikTok, it’s crucial that parents regularly monitor their children’s activity and content consumption on the platform.


Curiosity definitely killed the ginger cat with these #princespeach #filters

♬ original sound – Protein Bor Papi

It is recommended to stay away from these types of filters until TikTok implements a total ban and restricts the creation of such explicit content.

Therefore, users of the platform are urged to stay away from these and engage in other fun filters that are completely safe to use.

“I should have stayed curious instead. Please don’t try this,” wrote one.

Another added: “I should have minded my own business.”

“I’ll never be able to look at Princess Peach the same way again after this,” one said.

After checking the app, TikTok has already removed and probably banned the filter. Those users who had a chance to play with the filter continued to post their own videos of their reactions after seeing the photo. Don’t worry; We didn’t find a video that didn’t blur or cover the NSFW filter.

How to get Fav Princess Peach filter on Tiktok?

The TikTok Fav Princess Peach Filter allows users to transform into the beloved character Princess Peach from the Mario video game franchise. To use this filter and embody Princess Peach, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your device and tap on the “+” button to create a new video.
  2. On the right side of the recording screen you will find the “Effects” icon. Tap it to access a library of filters and effects.
  3. In the effects library, find the “Princess Peach” filter. You can type “Princess Peach” in the search bar or browse through the available filters until you find it.
  4. Once you find the Princess Peach filter, tap on it to apply it to your video.
  5. The filter will overlay Princess Peach’s features, such as her blonde hair, pink dress, and crown, on your face. She will transform you into a beloved princess.
  6. Now you can record your video while using the Princess Peach filter or take a photo to share on TikTok.
  7. After recording or capturing your content, you can further edit and enhance it with TikTok’s editing tools, add captions, effects or music to make your Princess Peach transformation even more attractive.
  8. Finally, once you’re happy with your video, you can add a title, hashtags, and share it with your TikTok followers.
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Using the Princess Peach filter allows you to embrace the iconic character and create fun and creative content just like the beloved princess. Enjoy your transformation and have fun sharing your Princess Peach moments with the TikTok community!

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