What Is a Money Sigil and How Do You Make One?

Make a money sigil to attract abundance into your life

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Looking to bring a little extra wealth into your life? Try a money sigil! Sigils are symbols used to manifest your goals and desires, and a money sigil can bring you financial prosperity. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about money sigils, their uses, and how to make and activate your own.

  • Money sigils are used to manifest money into your life. Use one whenever you want or need a little extra cash.
  • Create a money sigil by writing your intention down. Use positive statements to help attract your manifestation.
  • Once you have your intention, remove repeating letters and vowels, and then combine the remaining letters into a unique symbol.
  1. Step 1 Set your intention.

    On a piece of paper, write down your goal or desire in a single sentence. Be as specific as possible and use positive statements like “I want” (rather than “I don’t want”) to attract your manifestation to you. Writing in the present tense also helps you envision your manifestation as if it already belongs to you.[2]

    • Try “I have money” if you’re just looking for extra cash, or “I have a successful business” if you’re hoping to make money that way. The most important thing to remember is to use positive, present-tense statements.
  2. Step 2 Delete vowels and repeating letters.

    Removing extra letters helps to focus your intention. [3]

    • For example, if your intention is “I have money,” remove all the vowels and repeating letters and use “hvmny” in your sigil.
  3. Step 3 Combine the remaining letters into a symbol.

    Sigils are meant to transform your thoughts into symbols your unconscious can recognize and manifest. Create your own by connecting the letters into a unique symbol. Overlap the letters, turn them sideways, or combine them to create a new image. Have fun with it and allow your subconscious to guide you. Remember, it doesn’t have to look perfect to be effective![4]

    • If you want to personalize your sigil even further, try adding dots and swirls to embellish the symbol. Not only does this make it more unique to you and your energy, but it also makes it harder for others to identify.
  4. Step 4 Choose a premade sigil as an alternative.

    Typically, it’s better to create your own sigil that’s connected to your energy, but premade sigils can work, too! When selecting a premade sigil, make sure you know the intention it was created with and that it aligns with your own. Just like creating your own, it’s important to use an existing sigil that is as specific as possible.

    • Some premade sigils resemble money symbols. One sigil to attract money and wealth uses a backward S, similar to the dollar sign, that overlaps a C resembling the cent symbol. Complete the sigil with a shape similar to a sideways Y and a dot in the middle of the C.
    • Another “attracting money” sigil uses triangles, swirls, and straight lines. Begin by drawing a regular triangle with a horizontal line running through the middle. From the center of the line, draw a swirl that connects with the edge of the triangle. Then, draw two connected triangles over the original triangle. These new triangles will be connected at the point, with the top triangle flipped upside down.
  1. Step 1 Choose a destructible, temporary, or permanent sigil.

    The type you choose determines what you do with the sigil after you activate it. Ultimately, all sigils work to manifest your goal, so choose the type you’re most drawn to.[5]

    • Destructible sigils are activated when they’re destroyed. The act of destruction creates the energy that gives the sigil its power.
    • Temporary sigils naturally disappear over time.
    • Permanent sigils are meant to last and can sometimes be recharged.
  2. Step 2 Draw or carve your sigil.

    If you chose a destructible sigil, write your sigil on a piece of paper or carve the sigil into your food. For a temporary sigil, draw your sigil on your skin or carve it onto a candle. If you want a permanent sigil, draw or carve it into a piece of art or write it on a piece of paper.[6]

    • The color green is often associated with money spells and magic, so try to incorporate it into your sigil for an extra boost. For example, if you choose to carve your sigil into a candle, use a green one, or use green paint if you’re adding your sigil to a piece of art.
  3. Step 3 Charge your sigil.

    To charge your sigil, relax your mind, and focus on your intention. You might visualize a bright light flowing from your body into your sigil, or you may prefer to chant your desire aloud. You can also dance or clap if you prefer a more physical method. Choose whichever method you feel most drawn to. As long as you’re truly focused on your intention, it will work.[7]

  4. Step 4 Activate the sigil.

    Now that your sigil is charged, it’s time to let it work its magic. If your sigil is destructible, activate it by burning or consuming it (if it’s carved in a candle or piece of food, respectively). If it’s temporary or permanent, charge it and place it wherever you’ve decided to store it (such as under a piece of furniture in your home or buried in your garden). Then, you just forget about it! All you have to do now is let your manifestation come to you.[8]

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