What Did Khadija Shah Do? Salman Shah Daughter Got Arrested

Khadija Shah, the daughter of former finance minister Salman Shah, is the prime suspect in the Fir Jinnah House attack. This page contains additional information about the case. People are very excited after seeing the tweet sent by Khadija Shah. Khadija Shah, in a tweet in support of Imran Khan, also reprimanded Pakistanis for wasting time organizing nationwide protests. Khadija Shah also said that Pakistanis need to mobilize to be more efficient and productive when they procrastinate and waste time.

After seeing this post by Khadija Shah, people started searching for her. This topic contains all the necessary facts regarding the attack on Jinnah House and Khadija Shah. So stay tuned to the end for more on the case.

Khadija Shah is the daughter of former Prime Minister Salman Shah.

Being the beloved daughter of Salman Shah made Khadija Shah famous but she also built her own brand. She is a famous fashion designer in Pakistan and the granddaughter of former Pakistani Army Commander Asif Nawaz Janju. She founded and creatively leads Elan, a well-known luxury brand in Pakistan. Khadija’s next company will focus on providing women with unique, one-of-a-kind clothing at affordable prices. Zaha is the name of the company.

The works of the Shah are well known. She created a world name by slowly expanding her brand. However, she has been praised for her bridal wear, impeccable chic, couture, ready-to-wear, off-season collections and several leather accessories. Shah is well versed in regional business and keeps an eye on global trends. With her business acumen and exquisite design ability, she is also trying to innovate fashion in her own country.

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“I sympathize with Imran Khan, but I cannot personally support an hour wasted by a country that has unnecessarily signed up to protest,” she added in her cryptic message.

Populations accustomed to lounging and wasting time must be motivated to be active and successful!”

Was Salman Shah Khadija Shah’s daughter captured in the Fir Jinnah House attack?

The investigation into the May 9 incident at Jinnah House in Lahore is still ongoing. Khadija Shah is the prime suspect in the Jinnah House attack. Shah was accused of raiding the residence of a senior military commander to protest against former prime minister Imran Khan. According to police sources, authorities searched Khadija Shah’s home and arrested her husband.

When the police arrived, Khadija Shah went out the back door, which was caught on camera. According to police sources, Khadiji Shah was sheltered by a man named Umar Sheikh, according to police information. Salman Shah and his brother were not jailed as claimed. The police had all the evidence about the attack on Jinnah House. Khadija is photographed during a protest after police arrest Imran Khan.

Khadija Shah

Several individuals attacked the home of the corps commander, and a video of the incident appeared online showing many of them being arrested by the police.

“I am concerned for the safety of Khadijah Shah and her family members in police custody,” one person wrote.

@AzharSiddique represents the Shah family” and many others are praying for her peace. A young designer running the biggest turf brand as well as an unworthy foreign educated woman treated like that.

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