What are YouTube Shorts from Video Comments

YouTube is testing a new feature that allows viewers to create short videos from other people’s video comments.

The so-called “viewer-generated short video with comments” feature is currently being tested with a small percentage of users.

The announcement was made on July 20, 2023 on the YouTube support page and mentions “We’re running an experiment that allows mobile viewers to create short videos containing comments posted on the video they’re watching.”

YouTube is constantly working to improve its platform and increase its viewership. Recently, the company launched a screen lock feature for Premium users, allowing them to watch videos without interruption and prevent accidental touches.

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Short videos featuring viewer-generated comments are a way for viewers to share their thoughts and reactions about the video in a more creative way.

It also gives viewers the opportunity to engage in a video conversation, even if they don’t have the time or skills to create their own videos.

YouTube isn’t the first video-sharing platform to offer a feature that allows viewers to create content from comments.

For example, TikTok has had a similar feature for a while. But YouTube’s launch of short viewer-generated videos and commentary is a sign that the company is taking the video format seriously.

What is the availability of this feature?

YouTube mentions that the feature is only available to a small subset of Android and iOS users. It is still in test mode.

Platform mentions: “This test is available to a small percentage of Android and iOS mobile viewers worldwide.”

How to use the new feature?

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To create a Clip from a comment, viewers just need to click the “Create Short” button below the comment. They can then edit the comments and add their own creative touches, such as music, filters, and text.

Once the short is created, it will appear in the short video feed and on the viewer’s channel page. It’s important to note that once a short video is created from a comment, there is no notification for the creator of the video containing the comment, nor for the comment’s author.

YouTube states: “Short videos will appear in the short video feed and on the viewer’s channel page. Viewer-generated short films will not send notifications to the creator of the commented video or to the author of the comment.”

In addition, creators do not have the ability to ban comments in Short Videos. However, I can turn off comments on my videos for a safe experience.

In short, YouTube Shorts from video comments are a positive development for the platform. It’s YouTube’s way of giving viewers more ways to express themselves and engage in conversation around videos. It’s also how YouTube promotes videos and drives engagement.

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