Welcome To Plathville: Ethan Reposts Meme Making Fun Of Kim

Welcome to Plathville fans were amused by a recent post made by Ethan Plath that seemingly shaded his mother, Kim Plath. The mother and son have been on the outs since season 1 of the TLC show. Viewers of Welcome to Plathville are not a fan of Kim, mainly due to her hypocritical viewpoints.

The mother of nine chose to raise her children away from modern society. Their upbringing included strict rules and homeschooling. Fans were shocked to learn that the children had never had soda, ice cream, or been able to watch TV. Due to these restrictions, many of the older children rebelled after learning they had been held back from normal society. Ethan has been the most vocal when it comes to his anger towards his mother, and season 4 showed just how he handled the breakdown of their relationship.

Recently Ethan took to his social media account during the week to savagely go after his mother. In a post, Ethan shared a meme that poked fun at Kim’s approach to homeschooling. The Welcome to Plathville star is relatively new on social media but seems to be giving fans exactly what they want. Below the picture, which showed Kim in a kayak, he wrote, “The Internet is something else yet sometimes accurate.” The meme essentially showed Kim’s attempt to educate her children as a major failure.

Welcome To Plathville Fans React To Ethan’s Meme

Welcome to Plathville viewers took to Reddit to share their amusement. In a Reddit thread posted by user NaboKant, a commenter said that they believed Olivia was “spite posting” under Ethan’s account. Other followers noted how honest and accurate a person Ethan was by sharing his true thoughts on his mother. Kim’s lackadaisical attitude towards her children’s education really struck a chord among viewers, especially after Ethan confronted his mother in season 4. There was no arguing that Kim left all of her children with serious deficits when it came to socialization.

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Instead of being given a chance at traditional education. Ethan and the rest of his siblings were kept on the farm and taught a few trade skills. Welcome to Plathville fans believe that if Ethan’s love of cars and engines was nurtured, he could have been able to go to a tech school and possibly even learn engineering. Instead, he has had to face daily challenges. The shady meme is most likely the first of many to be targeted at Kim, and fans are here for it.

Source: Ethan Plath/Instagram, U/NaboKant/Reddit

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