Wayne Knight: 10 Best Movies & TV Shows, According To IMDb

With his distinctive voice and superb comedy skills, Wayne Knight is a memorable and beloved character actor. He has played many notable roles on the big screen, from villains in blockbuster movies and iconic sitcoms to numerous voiceover roles in cartoons.

Thanks to his character acting skills, Knight is able to play a variety of roles, often in comedy and animation, both one-time and recurring roles. But that doesn’t limit him to other genres. In fact, some of his highest rated work on IMDb is in non-funny films like political thrillers, crime dramas and possibly the best dinosaur movies of all time. grand.

Blind Spot (2018) – 7.4

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blind spot is one of Knight’s most recent titles and seems to have made an impact based on its IMDb rating. In fact, it spawned a spin-off TV series that is not only one of Knight’s best works on IMDb, but is considered one of the best hip-hop movies on IMDb.

A poignant and thought-provoking comedy, blind spot Focuses on a criminal named Colin, who is re-evaluating his life and relationships during his final days on probation. Knight plays Patrick, a photographer for old Oakland properties that are piled up with non-existent trees.

Kung Fu Panda (2008) – 7.6

Po trains with Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda

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Knight is quite famous in the world of anime dubbing. He has played many animated roles, from featured and recurring roles to supporting roles. But Knight has made his small roles stand out thanks to his recognizable voice and talent.

One such example is a small part of DreamWorks panda kungfuThe movie starts with Po dreaming of becoming a kung fu fighter, where he easily defeats a lot of bad guys. Knight voices the gang leader who approached Wave in his dreams. Although just a supporting role, fans will still remember his line: “I see you like to chew. Maybe you should chew… my fist!”

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Toy Story 2 (1999) – 7.9

Woody tries to save his arm from Al in Toy Story 2

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toy story 2 is the second in a four-part series that is extremely popular right now Introducing new beloved characters to the franchise. These include Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete, who met Woody when he was stolen by greedy toy collectors and toy store owners.

That toy collector is Al, voiced by Knight. Despite being a secondary villain, already repulsive, Knight makes him as hilarious as any other character in the film. It should also be noted that this is not a Knight’s character Toy Story Franchising; he voiced the evil Emperor Zurg in the animated spin-off series Starcommand Buzz Lightyear.

Kennedy (1991) – 8.0

Kevin Costner, Wayne Knight and Gary Grubbs at JFK

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A critically acclaimed political thriller that recently celebrated its 30th anniversary Kennedy International Airport. The film focuses on the eve of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy through the eyes of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, played by Kevin Costner.

Garrison’s assistant during the investigation, Numa Bertel, was a consultant on the film and worked on Kennedy International Airport. He is played by Knight, who, though only a supporting role, is a great testament to Knight’s acting skills beyond comedy.

Jurassic Park (1993) – 8.1

Dennis Nedry-Taiwan-Jaws-Jurassic Park-Steven Spielberg

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Undoubtedly, the credit for Knight’s most famous film performance comes from the critically acclaimed blockbuster Jurassic ParkKnight plays Dennis Nedry, a computer programmer who works at the park and is bribed to steal dinosaur embryos. The plan went well until a storm hit the park and killed one of the park’s most grizzly bears. Jurassic Park Franchising.

Even with big-name actors like Jeff Goldblum, Samuel LL Jackson, and Laura Dern, Knight was a standout character until the bad ending. Nedry’s “Nobody Cares” moment became an internet meme and “You didn’t say the magic word!” remains one of the franchise’s most memorable quotes.

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First Square Television (1987-199) – 8.2

Starring on Square One TV's Mathnet

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a lesser known TV show in the knight credits is The first square TV. Produced by the company now known as Sesame Workshop ( sesame sugar), a children’s program in the late 1980s that used comic book character sketches and game shows to teach math.

Knight appeared in three episodes, playing Peter Pickwick in the “Math Web” segment, which focused on the adventures of the police mathematician. Other notable stars appearing in the clip include Weird Al Yankovic, Seinfeld Stars Estelle Harris and Jonathan Freeman aladdin.)

Regular Achievement (2009-2017) – 8.5

The troubadour gods speak to Mordecai, Rigby and Silverdud in regular performances

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One of the surreal cartoons appearing on Cartoon Network is perform regularly, This is not a habit. The series focuses on the mistakes of housemates Mordecai and the raccoon Rigby, which often turn into a simple matter but eventually escalate into something extremely bizarre and supernatural.

The show showcases the versatility of Knight’s voice as he plays not one but two characters. In “Meteor Moves”, he voices the guardian of the Friend Zone, a living asteroid who convinces Mordecai to kiss Margaret. In “Silver Playboy”, he plays the busker god who resolves the feud between the two main characters and the Silver Playboy of the same name.

Harley Quinn (2019-present) – 8.5

Penguins mock a frozen Harley

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DC’s animated series harley quinn It was an instant hit with fans for its humor and portrayal of beloved DC characters. It focuses on the adventures of former henchman Harley as she embarks on a journey alone after breaking up with the Joker.

The show features many of Batman’s villains throughout the series, with Knight voicing one of Batman’s oldest enemies, the Penguin. Despite his prominent role, Penguin only appeared in two episodes and was brutally butchered by Harley. His screen time is really enjoyable, and one reason for this is Knight’s excellent voice acting. In fact, Knight is one of the reasons why Penguin deserves more screen time harley quinn.

Drug Boss (2015-2017) – 8.8

Starkman and Jurado driving in Narcos

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Knight shows his versatility in a small supporting role in a crime drama drug lordThe Netflix original series focuses on the downfall of the Cali cartel and Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Its fourth part was finally redeveloped into the first part Drugs: Mexico.

In the third and final season, Knight plays Alan Starkman, a sleazy lawyer who is the United States representative for the notorious Cali gang. He acted as an attorney for gang money launderer Franklin Jurado after his arrest, advising him to refuse to cooperate with the DEA unless he could speak to his wife, Christina.

Seinfeld (1989-1998) – 8.8

new man sitting on his couch in seinfeld

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No list of Knight’s greatest roles would be complete without Newman Seinfeld. Being Jerry’s villain is just one of the reasons why Newman is more than just a supporting character that appears the most in the movie. Seinfeld But one of the most loved.

Knight, as the sleazy Newman, delivered many of the show’s hilarious and iconic moments and antics, from his failed get-rich-quick scheme with Kramer to his boredom. hate broccoli. And don’t forget that memorable line: “Hello, Newman.”

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