WATCH: Puteri Sara’s viral video causes outrage online and scandal on Twitter

Recently, a video about Putera Sari went viral on the Internet. People are searching the internet to learn about the controversy surrounding her. She attracts the public’s attention with her passion for fashion. People are trying to find some new updates over the internet. The viral video is already on the internet and is being shared by the public on various social media accounts. In this article, we have brought all the information about Puteri Sari’s viral video. Keep scrolling through the article to learn more about Putera Sara.

Viral video Puteri Sari

She managed to attract a large audience on TikTok with her distinctive hijab style and engaging content. When she opened a TikTok account in July 2020, her journey officially began. She quickly gained about a million followers and 7.2 million likes thanks to her hard work and talent. Her movies often feature cosplay, and she mainly focuses on fashion and beauty while expressing her own style. Puteri Sari’s ability to deliver relevant content is one of the things that makes it stand out. She has become famous in Malaysia’s TikTok community and beyond for her catchy videos, catchy tunes, and addictive viral videos.

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In addition to being famous on social media, Puteri Sari also loves to travel and explore new places. Since she often loves to share her beauty tips and routines with her fans, it’s clear that she loves skincare and makeup. She continues to cement her reputation as a fashionista by posting stunning photos of herself in stylish outfits on her Instagram account. Her Instagram presence enhances the content she posts on TikTok and allows her followers to interact with her on the new social media channel. Puteri Sari’s exciting career as a social media influencer is a testament to the effectiveness of originality, passion, and relatability in attracting large audiences.

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Puteri Sari is definitely known to users in Malaysia thanks to her popularity and success on TikTok. Her popularity is largely due to her ability to consistently produce witty, easy-to-understand beauty-related content. She avoids all the scandals, unlike some influencers, which further strengthens her good reputation. Her popular videos often have hundreds of thousands or even millions of views, proving the appeal of her material to a wide audience. Her unique ability to connect with audiences on a personal level through relatability and humor makes her special.

Who is Puteri Sari?

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