Watch out, trees! This #KillerDrone has a chainsaw

KILLERDRONE! Flying chainsaw

We’ve already seen guns on drones, even flamethrowers, so it was really only a matter of time before someone went and attached a chainsaw.

The stuff of sweat-drenched nightmares, the terrifying “chainsaw drone” is apparently the work of a pair of “crazy” Finnish farmers.

In a recently posted YouTube video, the two guys that built the kit appear to want to lull us into a false sense of security with their unique contraption. There are smiles, there’s laughter, there’s even a moving soundtrack.

The upbeat atmosphere continues as the chainsaw lifts off the ground, with the two friends demonstrating several sensible uses for their special drone. For example, how about trimming branches off tall trees, or sawing through icicles hanging off buildings?

But hold on a moment – the words “killer drone” are scrawled along the chainsaw’s guide bar. And what’s this innocent-looking snowman for? The terrifying truth is about to be revealed….

Having apparently become bored with using its chainsaw-wielding drone for what could be described as “reasonable” activities, the pair decides to turn the irrationality dial all the way up to 11, destroying a group of harmless snowmen by approaching them at speed and slicing clean through their heads. It’s messy and it’s shocking, but it may offer a glimpse of the sheer terror awaiting us when the robot apocalypse finally comes.

However, when that day arrives, the humble party balloon could save us from a grisly end. As the video shows, the drone is no match for these air-filled rubber bags, the copter’s blades unable to turn once a burst balloon becomes entangled in its machinery. Just don’t be under it when it comes down, that’s all.

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Now, if a couple of Finnish guys show up in the Darwin Awards anytime soon, who’s betting against the involvement of a chainsaw and a drone?

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