WATCH: Jack Crisp’s Snapchat video leaked On Reddit Leaves Collingwood star fans Scandalized

Jack Crisp has been the topic of the town since a video of him leaked on the internet. As a result of the leaked video, he has become a subject to be investigated. In addition, there are lots of speculations are being made about Jack Crisp amid a probe against him. Many are perplexed whether the Collingwood star will play against Brisbane on Thursday night or not. As many people are taking over the internet and scrounging web articles to learn this news, we did a deep study on it and gathered imperative details about it. If you follow this column till the end, you won’t require to visit or read other articles regarding the same. Here, you will get all the imperative aspects related to it. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article. Drag down the page.

Jack Crisp’s Snapchat video leaked on Reddit

First of all, we make it clear that the Collingwood star Jack Crisp will definitely play against Brisbane in Thursday night’s clash however AFL and Magpies both are probing a leaked video that has gone viral on social media. Reports are claiming that Jack Crisp’s video leaked on Wednesday on Reddit and Twitter. What is in the video and why it is so much controversy? Learn this in the following section.

Jack Crisp

The controversial video of Jack Crisp shows an unknown person sliding through Snapchat pictures of Jack Crisp who says to another person, “Come and drink and have some lines. Just have a bit of a party” A source claimed that the Snapchat pictures of Jack Crisp are to be believed several years old and Jack Crisp’s family is aware of the pictures for some years. It also has been said that the AFL integrity department has not interviewed Jack Crisp on the matter, having had a short time to establish a probe prior to Thursday night’s game. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Jack Crisp

This is why we said Jack Crisp will be available for Thursday’s match against Brisbane. Crisp could face the Lions before facing potential punishment pending the AFL investigation ahead of the Magpies’ meeting with Adelaide next week. Now it all depends on Magpies whether it will pull Jack from the squad against Brisbane or not. However, Collingwood has made it clear that it’s been in contact with the AFL as the club is about to start an investigation into the incident.

Jack Crisp

Collingwood star Jack Crisp’s Leaked video on Snapchat

On Wednesday, the Magpies released a statement in the night. The statement reads, “The Collingwood Football Club is aware of a video circulating online this evening involving AFL player Jack Crisp. The club has been in contact with the AFL and will work through the situation before providing a further update.” Talking about Jack Crisp’s AFL career, he has played a total of 191 consecutive AFL games for Magpies and Lions which is the longest street of any player in AFL right now.

Jack Crisp

The news of Jack Crisp’s leaked video came just a while ahead of his match against his old side Brisbane as the Magpies are eyeing to keep its unbeaten run in 2023. Talking about the charges and allegations against Jack Crisp amid the viral of his Snapchat video, he will be investigated and interrogated with references to illicit drugs. In the video, the Collingwood star can be heard saying to an unknown person “Come and have some lines”. He might be referring lines to drugs. However, Collingwood is taking all the hard steps it can. On Wednesday night the club informed the AFL about the leaked video of the Crips and the league is now investigating it. Scroll down the page and read more details,

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Jack Crisp

Reddit Reacts On Jack Crisp’s Leaked Video

The league, AFL stated on Thursday, April 6, 2023, “The AFL confirms Collingwood last night alerted the integrity unit of a video that was circulated on social media featuring player Jack Crisp. AFLIU will speak with Crisp in relation to the content next week upon his return from Brisbane.” Talking about the pictures in the video, the last two pictures shown in the video are explicit and it shows a man standing but his face is not clear. Currently, it is not known how old the video is. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Jack Crisp

Additionally, it is also not clear whether the images in the video are really of Jack Crisp. Prior to this scandal, Collingwood had to face another drugs scandal when young gun Jack Ginnivan was involved during the pre-season. As a result of Ginnivan’s involvement in the drug case, he was banned for two rounds of the season as his illicit video got leaked on the internet. We won’t be surprised if AFL put a ban on Collingwood star Jack Crips after the investigation. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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