Walter White’s Breaking Bad Underwear Is Selling For Thousands Of Dollars

Official Walter White Underwear break Bad Now the price is thousands of dollars. White rules a brutal drug empire break Bad, everything revolves around an increasingly vicious drug lord. As White works to expand his empire and prepare for an expected death related to cancer, his behavior becomes more brutal with each season.

Later break Bad Super Bowl commercial brings back White, Jesse and Tuco, White’s closet underwear is now available prop store auction.

Although actor Bryan Cranston has never worn it, it is still estimated to sell for around $5,000. The lingerie auction will close on February 27.

What’s Next for Breaking Bad Universe

Walter White in 'Breaking Bad', Talking to a Stupid Man Like Him

While his underwear may be famous, recent success better call saul White has proven to be unnecessary to maintain break Bad universe. The greater universe is perfectly capable of succeeding without him, as in el camino And better call saulthough both have welcome cameos from better call saul Possibly a happy ending, the overall success of the interconnected story means it can be revisited.

However, break Bad Creator Vince Gilligan is currently working on other projects that could stymie the future of green drugs and the desert drug trade. While AMC has confirmed that they want Gilligan to return to the series, they’re willing to wait until he’s ready. better call saul If Gilligan is in the backseat, other creators have proven they have the power to go on in the world.

if break Bad After returning, it can start with various side potentials. break Bad A side story could follow Gus Fring, Nacho Varga, Hank Schrader, or anyone else associated with White’s criminal empire. No matter what the new show looks like, it’s clear that people are still interested break Bad Universe answers the wardrobe during the auction.

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Source: Propstore Auction

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