Wait, Who Is The Character On Elden Ring’s Cover?

Eldon’s RingOddly, the cover art doesn’t show the player’s character but another very important lore. Some people can be found in the cover art, some have specific armor that can only be obtained from certain characters. These characters can be found in the game, but oddly enough, they are depicted in Eldon’s RingCover photo, not the main character. It’s an unusual choice compared to FromSoftware’s previous games.

FromSoftware’s previous works such as dark soul series and blood transfusion, which traditionally has cover art with universal characters. Using characters with standard costumes makes it easy to think of them as player characters, much like the drum vehicles for the player to use. Elden’s ringHowever, it is interesting to break with this tradition, citing legends and descriptions Eldon’s RingA timeline that players rarely hear throughout the game. The one kneeling and wielding a sword was none other than Vic, the Knight of the Round Table.

Elden Ring cover character Vyke is one of the most powerful spoilers

Elden’s ringThe cover for 2011 features Knights of the Round Table Vyke, one of the most famous Tarnished walkers. Before player characters appeared, Vic was the closest member of the Round Table to the title of Elden Lord. He collected two large runes, enough to reach King Liondale’s City, and stood at the entrance to the Tree of Erd. Instead of sacrificing her maiden finger to burn the thorn, Vic falls prey to the three fingers and chooses to follow the path of the fervent fire lord, Elden’s ringWorst ending ever. This allegiance can be seen on his armor, fingerprints matching the charred marks of a three-finger hug.

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Vyke played various roles in Elden Ring

A black and white photograph of Elden Ring's Tarnished kneeling on the ground with a sword in hand.

Vic, object Elden’s ring, can be found and fought twice in the game. Probably the first place to meet Vyke was in the Church of Suppression in Liuurnia in the Lake District. Here, he wanders like a vengeful spirit. However, Vic can actually be encountered on top of the Giant’s Mountain as the player enters Contenders Eternal Hell. This close proximity to the Forge of the Giants is a testament to how passionately Buck is about to become Lord of the Flame. He’s a formidable boss, but it’s sad to see him like this, especially when he’s going to play a bigger role in the early days. Elden’s ringdevelopment of.

Sekiro Dubi, the famous Soulsborne data miner and moderator discovered a quest line with Vyke at the center. Some quest lines are shown in the YouTube video but most of the old data is gone Elden’s ringdocument. In previous versions of the game, Vic will appear in the area of ​​Stormveil Castle and can even be summoned as a companion to fight dungeon bosses. This means that the old version of Vyke’s character has been restored in Elden’s ring And become Elden Lord.

Source: Bandai Namco/YouTube, Sekiro Dubi/YouTube

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