Wadih Wassouf was betrayed by his “big heart” and stopped

Barely a few days had passed since the beginning of the new year 2023, when the sad news began to top it, led by the departure of Wadih, the son of singer George Wassouf.

The artistic community was shaken by the news of his death, and the media and social media were preoccupied with his circulation until the early hours of yesterday.

Fouda, who underwent gastric sleeve surgery on December 27, had health complications after about a week, prompting his mother, Shalimar, to ask him to undergo accurate laboratory tests in the hospital. Along with his two brothers, Hatem and George Junior, he was taken to a hospital in Beirut, where he died the next day.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, George Wassouf’s lawyer and the legal representative for his family, Maya Matar, confirmed that Wadih had health complications that led to his death. And she explained in the context of her speech that last Thursday he felt a health problem, so he was taken to the hospital, and there he suffered a heart attack, which he overcame after being treated by the medical team. And she continues, “After that, he suffered severe bleeding, and his health suddenly deteriorated, and he died late Friday evening, January 6.”

None of those who were accompanying Wadih on his last trip to the hospital discussed whether his death had occurred by chance, or if it was a medical error. Here, lawyer Matar explains in the context of her speech: “No one was interested in talking about this issue, because the injured person was old and his impact was harsh on everyone. It can even be said that it is still too early to talk about what really happened with Wadih. All we wish today is that the Lord of the Worlds be with my parents Wadih in the disaster that befell them.

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Wadih with his father, who was preparing him as his best friend (Instagram)

And a lot of news was circulated on social media, following the spread of the news of Wadih Wassouf’s death, including what states that the deceased did not adhere to the advice that his doctor asked him to do. While others talked about George Wassouf entering the emergency department after receiving the news of his son’s death.

Here, lawyer Matar explains to Asharq Al-Awsat: “Everything that was circulated in this regard is incorrect. There is no doubt that the news fell on George Wassouf, as any father loses his son. When Hatem and George Jr. told him about it, he was sitting at home surrounded by friends and loved ones. He grieved deeply, but remained strong and coherent, and was never taken to the hospital, as some have said. Even when I read this news on social media, I was surprised, because I was at Abu Wadih’s house all the time.

Everyone who accompanied George Wassouf in this journey of agony that he is going through with the loss of his eldest son dearest to his heart did not bat an eyelid. As his caterer and companion, Michel Hayek, so did his close friends stay up late with him, continuing their night with their day. When we tried to contact Hayek, he apologized for speaking because he was busy organizing the funeral program for Wadih Wassouf, and all the necessary measures. He was the one who oversaw the writing of the obituary of his death, and took care of all the details of Wadih’s funeral ceremonies, which will take place between Beirut and his Syrian home town of Kafroun.

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And whether it is true what was circulated that Wadih Wassouf did not abide by the advice of his doctor who performed the sleeve gastrectomy, Maya Matar explained to Asharq Al-Awsat, “This is also one of the false news that spread about the late, as we learned that he was committed to what was asked of him. On the other hand, no one at these moments thinks of holding anyone accountable or blaming anyone for this issue. Impressed, Matar concluded: “We could not believe what happened to Wadih in just 24 hours. He is the owner of a big and kind heart, which everyone you know loved him. We are all in great shock. His big heart betrayed him and stopped beating, and we could not comprehend what happened until now.”

“This is the tear of my eyes and the sweetheart of the heart from Goa. I call him (Jess Woody) on the phone. How longing is this dear and turn the page.” With these words, the artist George Wassouf described his relationship with his eldest son, Wadih, in response to a question posed to him in a television interview. Abu Wadih’s friends say that they are preoccupied with George Wassouf’s condition and are watching him closely because of their fear of the repercussions of this incident on his health.

Wadih Wassouf was betrayed by his “big heart” and stopped

Wadih with his father, who was preparing him as his best friend (Instagram)

Wadih Wassouf, and before entering the stomach reduction operation, had posted on his account via the “Instagram” website, a picture with his father, to celebrate the latter’s birthday, which falls on December 23 (December). He enclosed it with a caption written in English, which means, “Happy birthday to my father, brother, best friend, and supporter. I love you.”

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Immediately after the announcement of Wadih Wassouf’s admission to the hospital, and the spread of the news of his dangerous health condition and his need for “O” blood, calls were repeated by a large number of artists to secure the quantities of blood he needed. After his death, the sad news was published on social media, after the stars of art from Lebanon and abroad mourned him with sorrow and grief.

Yesterday morning, his brother, George Jr., published the invitation for Wadih, in which the date of the celebration of the prayer for himself was stated at 11 am this Sunday. Then his body will be transported to his hometown of Kafroun in Syria, where he will be buried at five in the afternoon.

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