Testing an app or program on your phone can be a fun experience, but it can sometimes have risky and dangerous consequences. But if you need such tests, consider VMOS PRO. The application will create a completely different virtual operating system from the original version. You will need to use this tool to test many apps and programs with unknown risks. So what does it do to support you? Simply put, it is creating a cloned version of the operating system based on the original operating system. They will run together on your device, but this copy of the operating system is completely harmless.

So what does harmless mean? That said, you can do just about anything on this cloned OS. All without affecting your original operating system. Even if you’re doing the most dangerous things, like downloading malicious code or apps that contain viruses, it’s still a good candidate for you to create more testing. At the same time, potential risks can be understood from a variety of factors. Also, it won’t affect anything on your smartphone. But I still recommend using VMOS PRO on your secondary smartphone. It’s safe, but be careful.

Download VMOS PRO mod – Virtual Operating System For Smartphone

Based on the data of the original operating system, VMOS PRO creates a copy of the operating system. This includes everything from apps and data just like the native operating system. This is to make your software tests work. No errors will be tolerated during the investigation. Since it is specially developed for Android operating system, only Android smartphones can download and use it. The cloned application runs as usual in the virtual operating system. You can move back and forth between two operating systems at the same time using a single, simple protocol.

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There is no risk of information leakage when using VMOS PRO. Since it is designed to create a copy of the operating system for your smartphone, it does not take any data from your device. It just copies and creates a new document and you control this copy. You can delete copies and applications at any time if you feel unsafe. Tests in the virtual OS sometimes affect the original OS. In this case, please delete the app immediately. You can see how dangerous apps and data are from unknown sources. A relatively safe test method.

Free VMOS PRO mod apk

Run the cloned app

Even when cloned, the application of the virtual operating system works very well. They work just like the original devices in the smartphone’s central operating system. Therefore, multitasking is unique, which I will describe later. When running virtual applications, their data is also completely virtual. Any activity on the virtual application will not affect the original application. This means that you will use virtual applications for maximum information security. No activity is logged when reverting to the real application, as they are deployed in the virtual application and are completely independent. You don’t have to worry about security.


Multitasking is more comfortable

Multitasking on a smartphone is not out of the question. Especially Android smartphones have always been known for their multitasking capabilities. It will allow users to multitask and run different applications at the same time. This is very convenient, but also potentially dangerous. Others can still see what you’re doing while using your phone. So the optimal solution is to use two applications in two different operating systems. One is the original version and the other is in the virtual OS. The effect remains the same when you use multitasking. A unique feature is that not all data will be found when the virtual application is closed.

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prevent unauthorized access

All native apps and virtual apps are not tampered with in any way. This is one of the reasons why VMOS PRO is so popular and attracting users. Creating an additional operating system means managing another ecosystem. Therefore, there will be a lot of concerns about information virtualization. With VMOS PRO, this will never happen. Malware installed in the virtual OS will also lose access to the location and data of the original OS. It’s like a safety dummy that you can use as a substitute to avoid danger. None of your phone information will be taken away.


for experiments

This work will be perfectly appropriate and safe if done on a cloned operating system. We will use this second operating system to download applications and files from unknown sources. When this dual operating system crashes, it determines how safe or dangerous they are. If the situation is severe, it is classified as a dangerous application. But it will not affect your smartphone, only the virtual operating system. So remove that OS or remove the VMOS PRO app to finally get rid of them. Although security has been verified, special attention is still required. Please test it on your secondary smartphone.

The most obvious effect

It can be seen that VMOS PRO will absolutely secure your smartphone. Even in the most dangerous cases such as malicious code or virus interference, we quickly deal with it by deleting duplicates. This is probably a software engineer’s must-have tool. For testing purposes in hazardous applications. Then see how it affects other apps, on the smartphone itself. But it can also be used for many other purposes by general users. For example, running many different applications for work and entertainment purposes. It is very safe to use it to protect user information.

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Make a copy of the operating system for the highest level of security. Make seemingly complex tasks more manageable. The use and combination of the native operating system and the virtual operating system will be entirely up to you. VMOS PRO deserves to be used safely and will not affect your device with such trust factors. However, it is still important to reiterate that caution is of the utmost importance. Even with multiple layers of security, malicious code or viruses can still penetrate your smartphone when it encounters it strong enough. Armed with the necessary knowledge and information that will protect you from dangers, go with the VMOS PRO mod.

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