Visual Check: Are you good at finding objects? Prove yourself by finding the frog hidden among the cats in 8 seconds.

By now, you probably already know that solving puzzles every day makes you smarter. These online quizzes have been scientifically proven to improve your cognitive skills, increase your memorization as well as improve your observation and logic skills. Plus, these brain teasers have been tried and tested to improve your mood. You can challenge and improve yourself and have fun along the way. What a win-win situation.

So today we are here with a brand new version of these hidden object puzzles. Today we have prepared a visual test for you. The premise of this new puzzle is quite simple. You have to look at the picture and find the hidden object somewhere in the picture. Hidden objects can be anything – from objects like watches and books to animals and birds.

So are you ready to challenge your vision? We believe you can solve any challenge, that’s why we designed this new puzzle for you.

Let’s start.

Visual Quiz – Find frogs hiding among cats in 8 seconds

Source: Bright Side

In the paragraph above, we explained that the premise of this visual puzzle is simple. All you have to do, if you want to solve this puzzle, is find the hidden object in the picture puzzle. In this visual quiz you can see a group of cats in a tree. There are many cats in the tree, and there is another thing on this tree.

A cute and cuddly frog is hiding among the cats, and you have to spot it in 8 seconds or less.

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So set a timer and start your test. Your time is limited, so watch the picture carefully and you’ll solve this tricky puzzle in no time.

In the meantime, here’s another conundrum for you. Look at:

Only people with high IQ can spot the mistake in the desert picture within 4 seconds!

Hot hoo!

Can you find the frog hidden among the cats? If that’s the case, then congratulations, champion. You have great visual skills. Scroll down to find the solution.

Visual inspection solution

You are asked to spot a frog hidden among a group of cats in this picture hidden object quiz. Here is the frog:


Source: Bright Side

Did you like this new puzzle that we prepared for you? If so, stay tuned for more on these. In the meantime, you can try our favorite old mind game.

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