Visual challenge: Find all the hidden faces in the waterfall painting in just 11 seconds

Nathaly Vizarreta May 21, 2023 16:14. m.

Pictures of this waterfall visual challenge It seems simple at first, but upon closer inspection, you will discover that there are several faces of other living creatures that are camouflaged in great detail. Your task is to find and count all the faces that you can identify in a maximum time of only 11 seconds.

Don’t forget that time is limited, so you’ll have to be quick and precise in your search. Carefully examine every corner of the picture, paying attention to shapes, shadows, and outlines that can reveal obscured faces. Don’t worry if you don’t find all the faces on the first try.

This challenge is a fun and challenging exercise to practice your image detection skills. Then compare your results with the solution we’ll leave you with at the end of the article. So are you ready? Test your skills and enjoy this exciting quest!

Find hidden faces in this photo in 11 seconds

Test your IQ by finding all the hidden faces in the waterfall picture below in 11 seconds. (Photo:

Solution: Did you find the hidden faces in this quiz?

We hope you had fun doing this optical illusion test. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the face in time. Keep practicing and you will soon become an expert in optical illusions. Four hidden faces are located in the upper middle part of the chart, where there is a woman, a bear and two wolves.

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Check your answer with the official solution found in this image.  (Photo: your answer with the official solution found in this image. (Photo:

We hope you enjoyed solving this optical illusion challenge with us. You can visit for your daily dose of mental exercise and joy. Resolving these optical illusions can help you become more observant and detail-oriented. We have a lot of optical puzzles to help you achieve the above skills.

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