Viral video: While working out at the gym, the man made an action that stunned netizens

Viral Gym Videos: Viral videos show many people working out at the gym. But one of them did something that surprised everyone present.

While working out at the gym, a person doing this kind of thing in the gym made the crowd bewildered

Image source: Twitter/@BornaAKang

Strange gym: Young people today are very fond of exercising their abs with a muscular body. This is why some people go to the gym and sweat for hours. On the other hand, in some people, this feeling is so strong that fun gym exercises (training weird) start to work for them. Watch this viral video now. It shows a man strangely exercising in the gym. Netizens shook their heads in disgust after watching this clip for just a few seconds.

In the viral video, many people are seen working out in the gym. But one of them did something that surprised everyone present. The video shows a man wearing a ribbon around his neck. Then the body is pulled back by the weight. At first glance, it looks like the man is about to commit suicide by hanging. But in reality, he is training strangely. Now those who have seen this video are worried.

Watch the strange exercise video here

The few seconds long video was shared on Twitter with the name @BornAKang. The video shared a day ago, so far has more than 4.6 million views, with nearly 96 thousand likes. Users are also commenting and sharing videos a lot.

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Looks like the guy is committing suicide at the gym, one user wrote. At the same time, another user noticed and wrote that this man has a very strong neck. Another user wrote, There is a limit to stupidity. This is what life is known for. Another user wrote in the script he used ninja tactics to get to the hospital. All in all, a video of a person in the gym makes people think.

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