Videotapes. An emotional scene. Pregnant stray dogs can’t hide their happiness after being rescued

A dog in poor condition was rescued. The dog is pregnant and she is happy to be rescued.

The scene was emotional. The dog was adopted by kind people. She is seen as the couple is having lunch. The couple noticed the dog several times.

The wife fed the dog and gained her trust, after a while they caught the dog and put the dog in the car.

The mother dog is having a hard time because she is pregnant. The couple couldn’t stay away from the dog.

The hopeless dog becomes happier after she realizes that she has been saved. The dog couldn’t hide his happiness when he felt safe and saved. The dog started crying to show his happiness.

The dog was named Poppy. The dog was taken to the vet where she was treated and cared for. This dog loves to be loved. He gets all the love and care he deserves. Thanks to this kind couple, the dog will give birth to puppies and have a happy future.

Here is the emotional scene:

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