Videotapes. An act of heroism. How two fishing men saved two cats left in the water by their former owners

The moment Brandon Key and Jason Frost decided to go fishing in Alabama. They don’t even think about the cute creatures they will see and save.

They didn’t even think that this activity would catch cats, not fish. They rescued two cats from the shore in search of safety on their ship. There seems to be a cat, but after the first cat is another one.

Even though the two cats were scared and soaked. They are grateful to the people who saved their lives. Unfortunately, the previous owner abandoned them.

After arriving at the property, the men saw a family that loved these two kittens and adopted them.

The cats are now called Warrior and River. They truly deserve love and care after their insensitive and rude owners. Now they have a wonderful permanent home. Thanks to these kind people, they are alive and well.

Here is the video:

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