Videotapes. An act of heroism. How one kind guy relentlessly lets Alaskan bald eagles risk his life every day

The great bald eagle is considered a symbol of America. They cannot be seen everywhere. But there are a lot of bald eagles there. For example, there are about 600 eagles in Alaska, and although their population does not exceed 5,000 people.

Dutch Harbor is the largest fishing town in the region and that’s why many bald eagles come here to get sick and get something to eat. Seq waa has a lot of different species of fish, so many anglers have put in something to prop the eagles. Voda always stayed to feed the eagles.

The guy’s name is Jesse Peck. He gives shrimp and other seafood to the bald eagles who always stand together on the platform.

The hungry eagles very quickly ate what the guy gave them. He even dropped something to get eqt in the air making the eating process so funny.

Here is the video:

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