Videotapes. An 11-year-old boy stopped a traffic jam to save an injured and injured dog in a collision

This is a touching story about a leader who saved a dog that was hit by a car in a traffic jam. Fortunately, there are such good people who can do the impossible not only for their loved ones but also for the unknown animals.

The boy is a real and real hero. He didn’t even think about his life and sacrificed his life for this poor creature.

The boy’s name is Jean Fernandes. He is from Brazil. He’s only 11 years old. He noticed the cute puppy squealing in despair. Fortunately, the boy acted quickly and saved the injured puppy.

The abandoned dog was hit by a car, and no one even noticed the helpless dog. He couldn’t bear to see the dog in pain. He quickly ran to the dog, stopped the traffic and took the dog in his arms and saved it.

Photographer Rafael Martins captured these grateful pictures of the boy saving the dog. These photos appeared on social media, with many praising his actions. One woman even said that the boy was older than many old men.

The boy’s parents even said they weren’t surprised that their son simply loved animals. He always helps all the animals in need of assistance.

The dog that this dog saved is named Mel. The dog was taken to a medical clinic where it was treated and cared for very well. He will soon recover and be in good health.

Here is the video:

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