Video: What did this brilliant playwright do after beating his father?

Twitter Viral Video: This hilarious video of a girl has been shared on the social media platform Twitter ID as @FunnymanPage. The video is only 8 seconds long, but so far it has more than a million views and the video has been liked by hundreds of people.

Daughter beats dad on bike

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You must know how naughty children can be. Whether indoors or outdoors, their mischief lasts all day. Sometimes they play tricks by breaking houses, vandalizing. Incorporate everything from the kitchen to the bedroom. Sometimes it is seen that children do some naughty thing and ignore it. When parents were asked, they said they didn’t do it. on social networks But these days a naughty video of such a girl is going viral, which is very funny. You will surely laugh after watching this video.

Specifically, the girl suddenly bumped into her father from behind while riding a bicycle and then set up a drama that surprised you. The video recorded the scene where a little girl on a bicycle pushed her father from behind, causing him to fall face down. The child then thought that his father would scold him now, so he pretended to fall and started crying. Then the father saw her crying, forgot about the pain, picked her up and began to stroke her. Now I just think that this little girl acted like that when she was young, what she will be like when she grows up.

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Watch this funny video of the girl

This funny video was shared on the social networking platform Twitter by someone named @FunnymanPage. The video, which is only 8 seconds long, has so far received more than a million views, hundreds of people have liked the video and given various humorous reactions.

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Some say this girl’s video is so cute and awesome, while others say this girl should win an Oscar. Similarly, users write that the girl is very smart.

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