Vanderpump Rules Fans Question Schwartz & Sandy’s Bar

Schwartz and Sandy, by Vanderpump’s Rule Co-stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, are making locals and fans of the Bravo series question the bar. Vanderpump’s Rule Season 9 begins with the two Toms discussing wanting to have a bar of their own, with the exception of Lisa Vanderpump, who they previously did business through a bar called TomTom. The idea started making waves among friends, including for a role in Tom Schwartz’s divorce from his then-wife and co-star Katie Maloney. Vanderpump’s Rule Debuting season 10, Schwartz and Sandy finally opened in the trendy Franklin Village area of ​​Los Angeles.

Due to its popular area, known owners and exposure on Bravo, Vanderpump’s Rule Stars’ Schwartz and Sandy have great potential to start. However, that potential seems to be fading as locals and fans alike worry about how seriously the Toms are taking their project. Reddit user VaguelyArtistic asked the question: “So what happened here?? “

After giving a list of things that seemed out of place at the bar, the others repeated their own experiences. “Can’t make many of the drinks listed on the menu,“User Swandive6 claimed, while A Fear_Resort_9018 said they could not pick up food at 10pm on Friday night.”If you’re going to get a table, at least on weekends, there are several late-night options.

Vanderpump Rules fans say Schwartz and Sandy are unprofessional

Despite years of working under restaurateur Lisa, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval seem unsuccessful at Schwartz and Sandy’s. Regarding their website, VaguelyArtistic continues, “Looks unprofessional all the time, but I hope they launch the “real” site once they open‘, but they didn’t. They point out that TomTom has an impressive social media presence, outperforming Schwartz and Sandy’s.This place should be Instagrammable. They have a total of 19 photos.‘ The user then went on to list why the 19 photos provided didn’t represent the bar well, questioning why Toms didn’t put more effort into their corporate identity.

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Tom Schwartz admits Vanderpump’s Rule In season 10, he’s frustrated with Tom Sandoval’s distraction as he forms a new band among reality TV stars trying to open a bar. At the same time, the former gave everything, including time and money, to try to keep the bar open, letting his already broken marriage fall apart completely. Hopefully this conversation will be heard and these bosses will be on the same page for the rest of the season. After all, Schwartz and Sandy are still new; so knots are expected. As long as the issues are rectified, it still has the potential to be a huge success, not only for Tom’s family but also for the community where the bar is located.

As actors embarked on their own careers, new relationships blossomed and those that are now broken coincidentally, Vanderpump’s Rule Season 10 promises to be an exciting ride. It’s not clear how much Schwartz and Sandy will recommend this season, but hopefully as time goes on and more customers visit their locations, Toms will see what works and what doesn’t, and what Adjust as needed if additional problems arise. Because co-owners may not always Vanderpump’s RuleMaking this venture a success will hopefully be a top priority.

Vanderpump’s Rule Airs Wednesdays on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET.

Source: VaguelyArtistic/Reddit, Schwartz and Sandy’s/Instagram

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