Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Miang Moonspell

Miang Moonspell is a playable character Vampire Survivor: Legacy of the Moon Curse, Who can unlock in the new map Mt. Moonspell of DLC. Her initial weapon is Silverwind, a weapon that emits elongated spherical particles, and enemies killed with this weapon have a small chance to drop her healing heart. If the player chooses Arcanas such as Sarabande of Healing (VI) or Twilight Requiem (II), Miang’s Silverwind can gain more powerful effects, such as explosive bombs or double healing. As such, Miang Moonspell is an excellent early game character, able to maintain his HP while covering a decent AoE to take down enemies.

Unlock new Miang Moonspell character Vampire Survivor: The Legacy of the Moon Curse The player is asked to find her coffin in the Dojo training ground atop Moonspell Mountain. The process is simple to follow, but those new to the DLC map will naturally have a hard time navigating through the snowy forest to her coffin location. Additionally, players are encouraged to unlock the Galaxy Map before entering Mt. Moonspell, as being able to see the location of Miang’s coffin on the map would be especially beneficial for on-stage navigation.

Find Miang Moonspell’s coffin in Vampire Survivor

After appearing in the starting area of ​​Mount Moonspell, the player must first open their galaxy map and find the white question mark indicating where Miang Moonspell’s coffin is Vampire Survivor lie in. The icon will show her location northeast of the starting area, directing the player to travel.

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Finally, the player will reach the outer wall of the dojo field. If the user continues north, they will come to a dead end where they are very vulnerable to enemy attacks. So when you get to this outer wall, remember to go down and turn right at the south end of the structure towards the wall.

According to YouTuber Nuzzy, the entrance to the dojo where Miang Moonspell’s Coffin is located can be accessed via Vampire Survivor. Once you find this door, head north through the entrance and into the first building on the right.

The player must move through the building along linear corridors to reach its central room. Here, they will find Miang’s coffin, but they won’t be able to open it. wolf– type of miniboss will appear and try to prevent the player from opening the coffin. Kill this boss and interact with the coffin to unlock Miang Moonspell Vampire Survivor: Legacy of the Moon Curse.

Source: YouTube/Nuzzy

  • Vampire survival game poster Vampire Survivor Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/WORLD Release time: 2022-10-20 Developer: Luca Galante Publisher: Luca Galante Genre: Rougelike, Shooting Game ESRB: E10+ Summary: Vampire Survivors is a roguelike shooter in which the player can choose one of several characters to survive the crowds in the dark and face the ultimate evil that awaits them. The levels are 30-minute survival excursions in which the player will travel around the map, automatically activating acquired skills to defeat countless waves of enemies. To permanently improve their character, players can collect coins and complete in-game quests that will unlock new relics, weapons, and characters as the game progresses, unlocking levels new levels and difficulties, and save more survivors. Vampire Survivor originally launched as Early Access on December 17, 2021, and released version 1.0 on PC in October 2022. The game will land on Xbox consoles on November 10, 2022.
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