Valkyrie Rush: Idle & Merge MOD APK (Menu, Auto Merge/Add Fairy) 1.18.5

Valkyrie Rush: Idle & Merge is the most unique and innovative themed plane shooter game. It has the same style as the plane shooting game born in the last century. This game has created a buzz and appeal in the gaming community by completely changing its shape and theme. Although its gameplay is not new, it does not take you long to get used to it. Valkyrie Rush: Idle & Merge is still one of the hardest levels to challenge fast reflexes. Fight against evil enemies non-stop in the sky. Dodge attacks, fight back and win in the most epic way.

Valkyrie Rush: Idle & Merge tells about the never-ending battle between the forces of the beautiful Valkyrie and the alien enemy. It is a race for players to show their skills and reflexes. Instead of fighting on the ground, they will fight dangerous warriors in the air. Your job is to control them to avoid unexpected attacks. Continuously deal damage to destroy all enemies on the screen. The gameplay is unchanged but still addictive thanks to the variety of power-ups. Not just one, we will fight alongside many beautiful Valkyries.

Download Valkyrie Rush: Idle & Merge mod – fast paced sky battle

First, you will have a beautiful Valkyrie warrior. Her design is unique and is only used to fly in the sky. That’s why the Valkyrie form also has flight mechanics. All battles in Valkyrie Rush: Idle & Merge take place in the air. This is where the dangerous machines come in and the Valkyrie must destroy them. Use your finger to move the Valkyrie in battle. They won’t stop firing at enemies you don’t do anything about. Sometimes enemies drop a lot of items after being killed. Collect them to increase health and continue flying battles.

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Valkyrie Rush's Idle Merge Mod Apk

Warrior Summoning Crystal

The Valkyrie summoning system is a mysterious crystal that radiates angelic light. Summon Valkyries with various powers using special currencies. Each warrior girl has her own appearance and skills. It could be modern technological armor armed with guns and cannons. Or magic items related to witches and spells. Either way, it’s beautiful and worth the upgrade. When summoned, a Valkyrie has a rating of 3 to 5 stars. This number increases to 6 stars when it is on your team and can be upgraded. Prioritize upgrading Valkyrie strong or beautiful depending on preference.

Valkyrie Rush Idle merge mod apk free

Exciting new features

Dungeon is an additional side game mode. Its purpose is for the player to collect various resources and upgrade the Valkyrie. It’s supposed to be a dungeon mode, but the battle is still going on. Depending on the type of dungeon, you will encounter several types of enemies. The difficulty also determines the number of bullets fired, allowing you to dodge and then counter. Hardmode is always a big challenge for players, because enemies will constantly attack. You have to find tight corners to avoid damage and fight back. Don’t forget the items dropped in battles. Collect them to create cluster bullets, double shot, faster fire, fan bullets…

Valkyrie Rush Idle Merge Mod Free

Battle tempo increased

Depending on the game mode, their rhythm is constantly changing. If you are playing in story mode, the faster you fight, the further you go. Enemy bullets will be very dense and extremely fast. If you do not pay attention and dodge them all, it will be very dangerous and you will get lost immediately. Lead your Valkyrie through every wave of enemy fire. Hit back with super skills that can wipe out the whole team. Rely on items, reflexes and luck to take down giant bosses. The more you play, the more your reflexes will improve.

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Valkyrie Rush Idle Merge Free

Although this is a game that doesn’t emphasize combat very much. Instead, it reacts and operates quickly but still appeals to gamers. The key to the success of Valkyrie Rush: Idle & Merge is the perfect shaping of Valkyrie. Based on the element of technology, combined with magic to create the strongest army of female warriors. And you will be the one to control them flying in the sky. Dodge the enemy’s dangerous weapons and subject them to angelic punishment. Download Valkyrie Rush: Idle & Merge mod now and practice your reflexes.

Download Valkyrie Rush: Idle & Merge MOD APK (Menu, Auto Merge/Add Fairy) for Android

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