Unexpected: What Happened To Rilah Ferrer After Season 3 Of TLC Show

Rilah Ferrer (Rilah Ferrer) appears in Accident with then-boyfriend Anthony Vanelli. The young mother struggled on the show because she wasn’t sure if her daughter was born to be Anthony’s child. The baby turned out to be his, but Rilah’s relationship with Anthony only deteriorated when he was charged twice with allegations of domestic violence against her. Since then, Rilah has taken on a variety of roles, including influencer and creator of OnlyFans. Despite her deteriorating relationship with Anthony, she now seems happier than ever.

lira Accident The journey has been turbulent, especially when it comes to her relationship with Anthony, and there must have been some dramatic moments behind the scenes. Despite their separation, they seem to be raising their children together effectively, even celebrating their daughter Malaya’s birthday when she turns one year old. In early 2020, she revealed that the two are raising their daughter together. When they first separated, it didn’t seem like they could co-parent amicably. Anthony threatened to take Rilla to court because he felt he hadn’t met his daughter enough.

When a fan asked Rilah if she would get back together with Anthony, she said, “Nothing.” It was revealed that Anthony was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence against Lila. She posted photos of bruises and other injuries he allegedly inflicted on her. Chloe Mendoza, who also allegedly experienced domestic violence with her partner, Max Schenzel, now an aspiring YouTuber, contacted her.

Recently, Rilah has been focusing on herself. The young mother deleted her Instagram after having trouble with her baby’s father. Perhaps the pressure of too many gazes on her had become too great. Previously, she served as a brand ambassador for several products. Those ads may have ended since she left Instagram.

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Here’s hoping Rilah finds peace without too much social media “noise” around her. It’s hard to get pushed into the limelight. There are many ways that fans and critics have tried to look at the personal lives of current and former reality TV stars. The young mother also opened an OnlyFans account and now charges her OnlyFans subscribers $20 a month. She was joined by another alumnus, McKayla Adkins, who is also the creator of the platform.

Many TLC stars have joined OnlyFans, including fiance 90 days Alumnus Larissa Lima, who seems to be one of the most successful players in the series. Glad Rilah has found a way to support herself and her daughter. Even though she refused to continue Accident, she’s producing her own show for premium subscribers. Rilah is working hard and focusing on her daughter and all the fans want her to follow her own happiness.

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