Tyler Bass Net Worth: How Rich Is He? Salary And Earnings Explored

Tyler Bass’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions by 2024, after signing a lucrative deal with the Bills.
From the start of his football career, he has followed a fantastic trajectory similar to a rolling stone, slowly increasing his annual revenue. Tyler Bass, born on February 14, 1997, is a placekicker for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL.

The Buffalo Bills took him in the sixth round, 188th overall, in the 2020 NFL Draft. Bass attended Dutch Fork High School in Irmo, South Carolina, and played football and soccer. He credits his grandmother for convincing him to go out for the football team because of his strong soccer leg. Bass signed with Georgia Southern on January 31, 2015. After his senior year, he received the Chris Sailer Award, which was presented to the top high school football kicker. Bass was redshirted by his collegiate squad during his first year. However, he made considerable development during his junior season.

Tyler Bass’ Net Worth in 2024

Tyler Bass’s Net worth is expected to be about $5 million, based on his new contract and income. According to Spotrac, Tyler Bass signed a four-year, $20,400,000 contract with the Buffalo Bills. Furthermore, it includes a $5,100,000 signup bonus and a $9,410,000 guarantee. The average yearly pay is $5,100,000. Previously, Bass had a base pay of $1,010,000.

This includes a signing bonus of $1,066,056 and a total cap hit of $2,076,056. The dead cap value for that year was $6,110,000, with a $6,110,000 annual cash payout. Bass’ basic wage jumped to $2,800,000 in 2024 when he was 27 years old. They’ve also introduced a $1,020,000 signing bonus and a $500,000 roster incentive.

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In addition, it contains a $100,000 fitness incentive. The overall cap hit for 2024 was $4,420,000, with a dead cap value of $7,380,000. Tyler Bass has made an estimated $8,705,800 throughout his career. His NFL career started in 2020 when he received $920,800. Then, in 2021, he will make $780,000. In 2022, his profits grew to $895,000, but the majority of his income came in 2023. During that year, he earned a total of $6,110,000, including a large signing bonus of $5,100,000.

Bass’s Missed Kick: Knife to the Heart

Tyler Bass‘ 44-yard field goal attempt went wide right in the closing seconds of the Divisional Round against the Kansas City Chiefs. This miss in the NFL playoffs had a huge influence on the Buffalo Bills’ playoff chances. The failed kick eliminated their hopes of drawing the game, resulting in a 27-24 defeat. Fans compare the miss to Scott Norwood’s historic wide right kick from Super Bowl XXV, which disappointed them.

Tyler Bass

Despite a solid performance from quarterback Josh Allen, the Bills were unable to upset the Chiefs. This is their third straight Divisional Round defeat and third playoff elimination in four seasons. While Bass took responsibility for the mistake, others believe that the Bills’ offensive play and other blunders, such as a botched fake punt attempt, contributed to their playoff loss. Despite the anger over Bass’s miss, experts have ascribed the Bills’ defeat to a variety of circumstances.

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