Twitch Streamer Sets Kitchen Ablaze, Then Gets Roasted Again By Chat

A Twitch streamer’s side run nearly ended in disaster when her kitchen nearly caught fire with grease during a cooking live stream, even though her conversation didn’t reflect it. respond positively to her firefighting efforts. This is not the first time dangerous incidents have been caught on camera, not only other streamers accidentally set fires, but even content creators on Twitch have been robbed.

Twitch is a live streaming platform that has become very popular thanks to its game streaming service. While games certainly make up the bulk of Twitch’s content, Twitch remains the leading platform for sharing creative content on a variety of topics. Examples of this include live streaming, teaching tools, and charity events. Twitch also encourages streamers to interact with viewers in unique ways. For example, submarathons are a popular trend in which live streamers set timers and live stream they perform different activities. The thing is, their live stream timer increments with each sub-subscription they get in the stream. Notable side marathons include Ludwig’s month-long live stream in 2021, which raised millions of dollars for charity.

Twitch streamer kjanecaron’s recent marathon ended in disaster when an overheated pan started smoking in her kitchen while she was cooking for viewers. Share on Twitter: DexertoA video of the incident shows smoke alarms blaring in the background and greasy flames rising from the pots. Panicked, the kjanecaron hurriedly emptied the pot into a nearby sink and used water to put out the fire. Unfortunately, this is a common and dangerous mistake, as water will only burn the grease. The resulting flame almost reached the top of her desk. Distressed, she put the burning pan back on the stove and begged the chat agent to help solve the problem. She then left the camera view and presumably started screaming for help from outside, and luckily the fire in the cauldron started to extinguish itself.

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Unfortunately, the Twitch stream did not cause any serious harm to kjanecaron, although the situation that followed was easy to make viewers laugh. While some expressed sympathy during the conversation, most were quick to warn Kjanecaron as she tried to put out an oil fire with water instead of flames. Since the water doesn’t mix with the oil, it slides under the oil and directly onto the heated pan. It immediately evaporates with the steam beneath the oil until it bursts from the burning oil, spreading the flame. Sadly, this is a common mistake people make, especially when panicking.

Because of the real-time nature of Twitch as a platform, it’s quite common for streams to glitch in some way. While most screen mishaps aren’t likely to harm a streamer, a common example is accidental damage in a closet, situations like kjanecaron’s can quickly turn around. Shifts and innocent live streamers can be destroyed if proper precautions are not taken. The disaster ended.

Fortunately, Kjanecaron escaped death with only minor burns to her hand and her home was not seriously damaged. Despite being ridiculed by some Twitch viewers, she still encourages people to watch the clip for fun and learn fire safety lessons. Hopefully other Twitch streamers can avoid similar potential disasters from this experience.

source: Dexerto/Twitterkjanecaron/Twitch

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