Turquoise Miami: Everything We Know About Fetty Wap’s Ex

Sad news broke recently that Fetty Wap’s 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell had passed away, as confirmed on social media by the rapper’s ex Turquoise Miami.

The devastating post went live this past Sunday, in which Miami shared a video of Maxwell bobbing and smiling in a swimming pool.

“This is my amazing, beautiful, funny, vibrant, loving, talented, smart and hardheaded princess mermaid Aquarius. If you see this post scrolling by with her comment or just say to yourself ‘I love you LAUREN’ because they say that souls can feel your love #rip?,” wrote the mourning mother.

This cause of death is still unclear. On August 5th, TMZ reported that Lauren Maxwell passed away on June 24, 2021 at her home in Riverdale, Georgia from a fatal cardiac arrhythmia due to complications of congenital cardiac anomalies. The outlet learned that Maxwell was had heart problems since birth.

Just hours later, Turquoise Miami fired back at the outlet via Instagram Stories to claim the story was inaccurate.

“This is what y’all people do for fun. F-k all y’all,” she wrote. “Her death certificate says cardiac arrhythmia due to a congenital heart defect BUT THAT IS NOT THE FULL CAUSE OF HER DEATH THAT IS WHY THE AUTOPSY HASN’T COME BACK! HOW DARE Y’ALL GO STEAL MY CHILD’S DEATH CERTIFICATE AND ANNOUNCE THE CAUSE OF DEATH BEFORE ANYBODY WAS READY. THERE IS A REASON WHY! HER AUTOPSY ISN’T BACK YET.”

But Miami wasn’t done yet. She continued in a follow-up post:

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“Y’all love breaking news so bad but this is my life and it’s me without my daughter not none of y’all! I feel the loneliness every night not none of y’all! Y’all so f-kin Thirsty to report a 4 year old. This is my trauma that is why I posted and moved HOW I FELT COMFORTABLE!”

While the family is reeling from this unspeaking tragedy, you may be curious to learn more about Turquoise Miami and the current status of her relationship with Fetty Wap.

Who Is Turquoise Miami?

Turquoise Miami, whose real name is Lisa Pembroke, has had brief moments in the limelight as a rapper. Her most popular song is “Trap B-tch” which dropped in 2018.

Besides the most recent heartbreaking post, Miami has scrubbed her Instagram account, and other known accounts such as @turquoiseatl and @turquoisemiami appear to have been deleted. Old posts from these deleted accounts seem to indicate she was a model and dancer as well.

Turquoise Miami And Fetty Wap’s Relationship

Not much is known about the relationship between the parents of Lauren Maxwell, including when they were officially dating. We do know they welcomed their baby girl into the world in February 2017. We’re guessing the relationship was brief, as Fetty Wap also had a child with his then flame Elayanna in 2016 as well as another child with Masika Kalsyha that same year. Then in 2018, he welcomed his second child with Lezhae Zeona, with whom he had a child with back in 2015. We know, it’s a little messy.

It also seems there was some bad blood between the pair. In 2020, as reported by The Shade Room, Miami called out Wap on Instagram alleging he was not paying child support or spending time with his child.

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“Y’all, I’m finna book this flight so I can personally ask this n**** when he plans to pay child support or get his daughter cause it’s been two years, and I’m curious,” she captioned a promo image for an upcoming Fetty Wap event.

Just recently, Miami addressed her relationship currently with Fetty Wap on Instagram Stories, saying the two worked through their issues and the rapper had stepped up in the fathering department.

Screengrab of a social post from Turquoise Miami talking about her relationship with Fetty Wap.

The “Trap Queen” rapper also broke his silence in an Instagram Live sessions, holding a photo of his late daughter and asking fans to post butterfly pictures in the comments as tribute to her life. He also posted a photo remembering his “mini me.”

Our condolences go out to the family during this tragic time.

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