TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Skills, High DMG) 9.2.0

Transformers: Forged Battle MOD APK Info

Menu mode V1

  1. Damage multiplier // Increases damage to players
  2. Defense Multiplier // Increase the player’s defense
  3. Unlimited skills // Mana bar is always full
  4. Freeze Enemy Mana // Enemy’s energy will not change
  5. Freeze the opponent // Enemy won’t move/attack
  6. No Stun // You will not be stunned by enemy attacks
  7. No Knockback // You will not be repelled by enemy attacks
  8. Instant Win // Opponent dies instantly

V2 . menu mode

  1. Damage/Defense Multiplier

If you’re a fan of the Transformers franchise and reading this, congratulations. Lucky for you we are about to enjoy a great fighting game. Bring the theme of transforming robots combined with multi-view combat. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight is the game I’m talking about. Surely this will be a super product that transformative robot lovers cannot ignore. Offers familiar gameplay based on popular themes from decades. Let’s see what this game has to offer.

If only we could describe Transformers: Fight for Battle in words. Of course, they will be nostalgic, tactical and tactical. Having said that, this is a fighting game where we will fight with transforming robot characters. They appear in cartoons and movies, leaving audiences with unforgettable impressions. Confrontations and battles are now made according to the wishes of the players. Use mechanics and controls like a casual fighting game. You will see dramatic races between giant shape-shifting machines.

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Download TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight mod – transforming robot fighting

Because this series is very popular with people. I also won’t recommend our game anymore. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight is a 3D action fighting game that has been out for quite a while. But its charm is still very special and makes fans fall in love. Because its combat is fascinating. Combine gameplay with an engaging storyline. It begins with Transformers encountering chaos from an unknown enemy. They have to fight from there to figure out what that thing is. Destroy everything before the situation gets worse.

When entering each level, you will transform into the legendary Optimus Prime. Move from a marked point on the terrain. When encountering robots, they will enter a fighting match. Use the drill to launch an attack on the enemy. Not only fighting, transforming robots can also use skills. Transform into a straight attack vehicle or use weapons like full guns and missiles. Offers a whole new fighting style. Of course, gamers will be very surprised.

Transformers FtF . mod apk

Unlock new robots

This journey is not only about Optimus Prime. There are also a lot of righteous robots that will also participate in this war. Summon them with resources for easy access to warriors Megatron, Bumblebee, Hornet… and many famous warriors that no one who’s seen Transformers will ever forget. Each robot has a different appearance and transforms into a vehicle. Like cars, helicopters, trucks, containers and more with their own special skills. Collect all your favorite characters. Upgrade them with more in-game components and take them into epic battles.

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Transformers FtF free mod

Rich game modes

The game modes in Transformers: For Battle are divided into many themes and missions. You’ve gone through all the missions and basic gameplay, and all is well. You can also enjoy many other attractive modes. For example, defend the base from enemies who want to destroy it. In multiplayer teams, do your best to defend your base from enemy attacks. Need to kill them to increase your score and achievement. There is also an area control mode. Each team will take up as much space as possible. The side with more areas will be the winner. You can do a lot of things in the game without getting bored.

Transformers FtF mod apk for free

Looking forward to the global event

One hand cannot cover the whole sky, but all together can. When you’re constantly wandering, you’re more likely to feel lonely and depressed. That’s when you should make friends with many other players. Join or form powerful alliances. This can be called the most cohesive organization. Let’s look forward to the events that are launched at this special time of the year. These events will offer a limited number of game modes for the duration of the event. Come play with everyone and receive lovely gifts.

FtF . transformer mode

Perhaps for casual players, “Transformers: Wild Wars” at first glance is just a simple fighting game and nothing special. Before that, those of you who like transforming robots and have experienced this game can give the most accurate opinion. Because the game offers the most similar contradictions to the movie. In addition, you can also start battles and go on missions with your favorite robots. There is nothing like the TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight mod for many gamers. Free download now.

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Download TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight MOD APK for Android (Menu/Unlimited skills, High Damage)

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