Toymail Talkies are an adorable way for kids to safely talk with others

These days, if parents want to stay connected with their kids while they are away, phones seem to be the only option. However, phones come with the risk of enabling children to contact, or be contacted by anyone. Toymail understands this dilemma and has specialized in alternative ways to send voice messages between family and friends.

Talkies are the latest creation from Toymail. These quirky plush characters offer a screen-free way to connect to any approved adults via the Toymail app, or to any of their friends’ Talkies. Giving a phone to a young child is completely unnecessary with a Talkie.

“I have three small kids and when I hear them say things like, ‘Mommy, please don’t go!’ or ‘Promise you will come home in a few minutes,’ it breaks my heart, said Toymail cofounder Audry Hill. “I wanted to stay connected to my kids throughout the day, and I knew I wasn’t alone. Families are separated more than ever because of the demands of work, geography, and life situations such as divorce. So our technology comes at a time where this kind of connection is needed more than ever.”

Sending messages through a Talkie is simple. By connecting the toy over Wi-Fi to the Toymail app on Android, iOS, or
, friends and family members can be invited to the contact list. Talkies use a three-button interface to make it easy to learn. Pressing the cloud button cycles through the approved contacts. A button with a speech bubble allows children to record their message and send it. When a Talkie has received a reply, children press the mouth to hear it speak. This simplicity allows children as young as three to use it.

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Beyond its role as a messenger, Talkies react to physical play. They snore, laugh, and squeal in excitement based on the interaction. Additionally, a $3 monthly subscription can expand the features to include reminders, sleep scheduling, voice filters, and play upgrades.

At this time, Talkies come in three different character options: Gory the Shark, Hank the Dino, and Bitsy the Bat. Two other variations, Nunu the Unicorn and Boonut the Bunny, will be available in May. Each Talkie retails for $59 and can be found on Amazon.


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