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Protect the peace of the kingdom by building a defense tower system in Tower Defense: Kingdom Reborn. The safety of the entire kingdom is being threatened by other monsters. They want to enter this land that has been peaceful and prosperous for a long time and destroy all efforts. Your mission is to help the kingdom overcome the attack on the built tower. Above the buildings are powerful heroes who will take your place to defeat waves of monsters. Be it an archer or a mage with the ability to stop them. Experience endless challenges created by monsters and protect the kingdom from monsters.

Strange monsters suddenly appeared and lived together towards the entire kingdom. Intelligence tells you that they are dark monsters that destroy several civilizations. Your domain has grown to the point where it must be challenged to continue. There they were now, a horde of monsters heading towards the kingdom together. You must help your empire fight monsters in the most successful way possible. The tower where the hero kills the monster needs to be built continuously to fight the monsters. Create a defense system to prepare the hero to face the challenges of the monsters to come.

Download Tower Defense: Kingdom Reborn mod – Defend and Rebuild the Kingdom

Your kingdom is caught in a world of conflict caused by monsters. When they pass anywhere, the domain must completely resist their appearance. Now monsters have also appeared, threatening the very existence of your kingdom. They also want to destroy this peaceful place and you need to protect this place from monsters. Build defensive structures in key areas to prevent long lines of monsters from advancing. The towers will have their functions and you need to know them before you decide to build them. If you activate them, the defense of the kingdom will increase significantly.

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Tower Defense Kingdom Reborn mod apk

defensive architecture

The unique abilities of each tower are what you need to learn when taking them into battle. You can test them out in mini-fights with monsters before going head-to-head with them. Use each building to prevent them from reaching the kingdom and learn about the tower’s function. You can unlock every feature of the tower defense owned by your hero. Tower attack power can be upgraded if you have enough resources to kill monsters. New buildings can also be unlocked, but you must pass specific monster rounds. Form a defensive tower to protect your kingdom from enemies.

tower defense kingdom reincarnation android

tower defense hero

The towers were numerous and it was not possible to completely stop the monsters from advancing. Waves of monsters came together, overloading the buildings and that didn’t stop them for long. So, on the tower, heroes must appear and destroy the monsters. These heroes appear in the kingdom, ready to help you defend against any attack. The hero’s extraordinary strength comes from the skills they acquire while defending the tower. You can help them develop their skills by leveling up the monster slaying rewards. Help your tower defense heroes level up and reach the limit of their maximum strength.

Kingdom Tower Defense Reincarnation apk

rebuild the kingdom

Everywhere in your kingdom is threatened by monsters appearing together. Their powerful attacks devastated important areas of the kingdom. You must fortify these places before the monsters invade your territory. Defenders are the best choice to fight the ferocious monsters. The arrival of heroes will be the spiritual pillar of the kingdom’s war. The monsters will soon back down from the incredible strength of the heroes fighting on the tower. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to revive your kingdom in battle against monsters.

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Tower Defense Kingdom Reborn Free

An old kingdom now faces the power of monsters. Peace had distracted everyone, and now it seemed powerless to resist the attack. The devil has taken over the important places and the kingdom needs to fight the leader. You are the one who fights against countless monsters to keep countless people safe. Build towers one by one where the monsters are aiming and destroy them all. Help the heroes climb each tower and use extraordinary powers to stop the nightmare. Download the mod Tower Defense: Kingdom Reborn to protect the kingdom from the war of rebirth.

Download Tower Defense: Kingdom Reborn MOD APK for Android (Infinite Boosters | Infinite Gears)

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