Tower Breaker MOD APK (Unlimited money, souls, skulls) 1.51.0

Medieval towers were always beautiful and reserved for kings. This place contains a lot of treasures that have been carefully and safely hidden. You can see the inside is very closed, it is difficult for thieves to get in. The watchtower is also where soldiers guard the castle. If you are a fan of fighting and towers, you shouldn’t miss it. Game Tower Breaker will give you the feeling of a warrior.

The story begins with a god-hating knight borrowing his power from a demon. Now the defensive towers of Heaven will face him. Those who stand on the tower will suffer his wrath. Featured with legendary pixel graphics similar to old and classic titles. Experience the feeling of murder for yourself. Especially gamers who love action fighting games should not miss it. Keeps you hands-free entertainment and gives you intense sensations in your spare time. Put all your stress into this engaging battle.

Download Tower Breaker Mod – Become a Demon Warrior

Enter the world of Tower Breaker, where you will transform into a hero with demonic powers. Your goal now is none other than to overthrow the Court of Heaven. Infiltrate the tower and destroy all the guards there, leaving them in your hands. The control mechanism of the game is very simple and easy to operate. You don’t have to move to fight, just stand still and let the enemy kill themselves. Use the attack button to allow your character to attack your opponent. Use the defense button to have your character block all their attacks. There are also skill buttons, such as energy cutting or counterattack.

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Tower Breaker mod for free

Tower of Conquest of the World

Where you need to fight the enemy is the tower in Tower Breaker. These towers are forbidden places, inaccessible or accessible to ordinary people and will soon be demolished. But you are the chosen one, with demonic powers running through your veins. You can break the tower door to enter. Each tower is a level with many levels to reach the top. You will have to climb each level to destroy all the guards and collect their souls. The tower guardians will become stronger with each floor, and the last floor will be the strongest floor. Slaughter and earn valuable rewards.

Tower Breaker Mod Android

Kill enemies with skills

Are the enemies you’re fighting too strong to hit with your hands? Use your character’s skills to destroy them faster. These skill buttons will be located on the attack and defense buttons and only need to be activated to be able to be used. Powerful abilities like energy cuts and counterattacks will repel stubborn enemies. But they need time to accumulate and recover. Use them wisely so that it comes in handy in dangerous situations. Use them to turn the tide and save your character. Also removes the guards on the floor faster. Destroy all the tallest towers.

tower breaker apk

summon armor from hell

With powerful Tower Breaker warriors, there’s never a shortage of armor. There are many powerful hell armor for you to choose from. Each armor set has its own color and strength characteristics. When combined with powerful weapons, you will become a super soldier. Destroy all skyscrapers with powerful blows. Unlock them and transform yourself into the strongest armor. Use the resources you earn to unlock these amazing pieces of armor. Once put on, you will have a unique shape and skill effects that will change according to the armor.

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Tower Breaker mod game

Collect weapons from enemies

When you defeat the defenders of the tower, you will be able to collect weapons. These weapons drop when their owner falls and you can take them. Guns, claws, swords… Each weapon has a unique and special design, you can freely choose and equip. Each of these weapons will give you different fighting skills. Combine them with other power-ups to defeat the toughest bosses. Let them fall and bring back valuable spoils. Download Tower Breaker mod now and become a warrior of the hell of death. Destroy all enemies and take down the tower.

Download Tower Breaker MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Souls, Skulls) for Android

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