Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Wálison Gomes Age, Height, Job

Practicing abstinence is not a problem for Wálison Gomes. This handsome guy has dumbbells to keep him busy as he approaches half a million reais in the second season of Too Hot to Handle Brazil.

Find everything you need to know about this charming contestant below.

Wálison Gomes in Season 2 of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Brazil

Too Hot to Handle Netflix’s Brazil returned with its second installment on September 28, 2022, and like the previous installment, the series promised plenty of sex, skin, and drama. However, this season’s trailer was a bit different from all the other iterations: there was a lot of crying!

I imagine the season will be interesting.

“Turn up the heat as singles from all over Brazil connect on this reality show. Will they find love, and deeper relationships, if they give up sex? Description of the Netflix series

So our star, Wálison Gomes, joined the show to look for a “deeper relationship”.

:EEEEEEEEEE HAND !!! The end of the drug mystery. After holding this grenade for a long time, I have now released the pin. And write it down in your diary, 09/28 is the premiere of your favorite Malvado on @netflixbrasil THIS IS PLAYING WITH BRAZIL FIRE 2 F**K. EXQUEST”, Wálison shared his enthusiasm on IG.

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Furthermore, Wálison’s enthusiasm was shared by his co-contestants: Italo Lopez (fitness enthusiast), Victoria Macan (DJ and CEO of New Vision Creative), Kelvin Duran (entrepreneur), Sandri Oliveira (yoga enthusiast), Ivan Almeida (DJ), Isadora Salles (dancer and model), Nayara Columbus (model), Khiara Italia (fashion stylist) and Justen Nosoliny (marketing manager and fashion model).

Is Walison Gomes dating anyone today?

Wálison Gomes hasn’t revealed his walk-on status in 2022. But we do know that he’s yet to be married or have a child (unlike his co-contestant Justen Nosoliny).

As for their romance in Too Hot to Handle Brazil, Wálison could have connected with Isadora Salles.

Isadora is a dancer and model who also shared interesting content on her IG @isadorassalles.

However, Isadora was also seen hanging out with Justen. So maybe she was in a love triangle with Justen and Nayar.

Walison Gomes age

Wálison Gomes may look older with his chiseled body, but he was only 25 when he appeared at Too Hot to Handle Brasil 2022.

Yes, he is younger than Justen and Kelvin.

Work of Walison Gomes

Wálison Gomes is dedicated to fitness. Not surprisingly, he wants to pursue fitness as a career, which is why he studied physical education before appearing on Too Hot to Handle Brazil.

Therefore, he still has to build his career. However, he did some part-time jobs to earn pocket money.

For those of you interested, a fitness instructor earned around R$4,900 per month in 2022.

When Wálison was not at work or working out at the gym, he liked to go to the beach and watch football.

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In fact, Wálison is a big fan of Santos FC. He rarely missed his game.

Trivia: Wálison co-hosted the project (although he was also a DJ) at SL Events in July 2020. “It was an immense pleasure to be part of this amazing project and help bring you joy, relaxation and lots of great music,” he said. he said he after the successful evening.

Is Wálison Gomes on Instagram?

As of September 2022, find Wálison on Instagram @gomeswalisu with 13.1k followers. Most of his posts featured photos of him shirtless.

In his biography it is mentioned that he deals with lifestyle, aesthetics, nutrition and exercise.

Also, find Wálison on Twitter @to gomeswalis and TikTok @gomeswalisu.

Height of Walison Gomes

Wálison Gomes is 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) tall.

Mentioning his distinctive features, Wálison has an oval face, brown eyes, and a ripped body covered in tattoos.

Speaking of her tattoos, Wálison wrote the name “Rosi e Antonio” across her chest over multiple carvings. She had the face of a lion on her back and a series of tattoos on her arms.

Most of his tattoos were done by Brazilian artist Victor Almeida @almeidatattoox.

The Walison Gomes family

Wálison Gomes puts his family first. He loves his parents to the moon and often talks about them on his Twitter.

Unfortunately, his beloved grandmother passed away in March 2016.

According to the star, her grandmother was her icon, her example of love and life. Even on her deathbed, she left this world “begging for each one of us, begging for a better world and a better life.”

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“God, thank you for the privilege of having this woman as a grandmother, as a mother, as a friend. May you be happy up there, happier than down here, I don’t know when, but one day we’ll see each other.” again, all of us… our story is not over yet, the final will never end,” Wálison said in tribute to her on her IG.

In addition to blood ties, Wálison also loves his goddaughter, who was born to his parents, Brunna Silva and Luiz Fernando Sacramento Jr.

Brunna is a beautician, while Luiz is an expert in milling machines and lathes.

Here is a video of Wálison’s goddaughter dancing and looking forward to seeing him in Too Hot to Handle Brazil.

  • Where is Walison Gomes from?

Wálison hails from Juiz de Fora, Brazil.

  • When is Wálison Gomes’s birthday?

Wálison celebrates her birthday on August 24 and belongs to the zodiac sign Virgo.

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