Tonje Gjevjon Might Face Three Years In Jail For Hate Speech

Tonje Gjevjon, a Norwegian actress, is facing three years in prison on suspicion of alleged hate speech for statements against transgender people and their sexual preferences. On November 17, authorities warned Gjevjon that he was under investigation for his comments on Facebook against prominent Norwegian activist Christina Jentoft. According to the actress from the LGBTQ+ community, men can’t become “lesbian”, just like men can’t have children:

“It’s just as hard for a man to become a lesbian as it is for a man to get pregnant. Regardless of their sexual preferences, men are still men.”

Gjevjon’s comments, according to The New York Post, were a jab at Jentoft, who identifies herself as a transgender woman and often calls herself a lesbian mom. Responding to the investigation, Gjevjon said she wrote the comment on her Facebook with the aim of highlighting Norway’s hate speech regulations. Her comments are clearly under scrutiny given the state’s 2020 revision of the penal code, which includes “gender identity and gender expression” as inadequately protected categories. from hate speech. People convicted of hate speech in Norway can be fined or imprisoned up to one year for privacy statements and up to three years for public comments.

Tonja Gjevjon’s previous views on gender identity

Tonje Gjevjon made headlines earlier this year after questioning Norway’s Minister of Culture and Reality, Anette Trettebergstuen, about gender identity and biological sex. Then she wondered:

“Will the minister in charge of equality take steps to protect the human rights of lesbians, by making it clear that no lesbian has pi*nis, that men cannot be gay women regardless of their gender identity, and by cleaning up the mess left behind by previous governments’ harmful gender policies?”

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Trettebergstuen answered Gjevjon’s question:

“I don’t accept a worldview in which only two biological sexes are understood as sex. Gender identity is also important.”

Tonje Gjevjon previously stated in Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen that she had previously been “fired” for her views on gender identity:

“I have stated that women are women, that lesbians have no rights, that minors should not be held accountable for elections without the ability to understand and have no rights. foundation is harmful to democracy. I’ve been fired many times for those beliefs.”

She also said that despite being a lesbian artist, she has been “demonized” by gay groups, politicians and activists and pushed out of the art scene because of her beliefs me. Gjevjon is said to have accused transgender activists of “contacting people” she works with of portraying her as “full of hate” and warning them not to contact her.

Everything you need to know about Tonje Gjevjon

Tonje Gjevjon is a visual artist, actress and director from Norway. She is also the lead singer of The Hungry Hearts Performance Band. Before debuting his video and photographic work at the Fall 2005 Exhibition, the artist studied at the School of Drawing and Painting in Oslo, the Strykejernet School of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen. Gjevjon came to prominence as the director of The Hungry Hearts Performance in 2007. She has directed films such as In the Closet, Behind the Curtain and Dunno Y 2…Life Is A Moment.

        Tonje Gjevjon

She was also chair of the board of directors of Akershus Art Center from 2006 to 2011, and president of visual artists in Oslo and Akershus from 2009 to 2011. Tonje Gjevjon is often in the news. about her resistance to giving. transgender people have a voice for women’s rights, arguing that it will ease women’s battles.

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