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Plants are one of nature’s wonderful creations. It helps create the oxygen that keeps us alive every day. Give us nutritious food to fill our hungry stomachs every day. The environment in which an organism lives and feeds. We cannot exist without the growth of plants. What if we experimented with plants that do strange things? Come to Toca Lab: Plants and see what happens next.

Belongs to the category of educational games for growing ages. The purpose is to arouse the creativity hidden deep in the human subconscious. Inspire a passion for exciting science experiments and improving lives. You’ll be able to experiment with hundreds of living specimens and discover new things never seen before. This is a great way to guide our future aspirations. For those who have a strong passion for science and technology. Always wanted to create something new and unique. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t benefit or help you.

Download Toca Lab: Plants mod – experiment with plants

A lab has been created just for you. Specimens are a variety of plants prepared for your research project. Get started today and start creating something that can change the world. These plants are alive and they will respond when tested. Tried every method, every way to study its anomalous properties. Turn them into weird things and wait for the reaction of these living plants. Who knows, you might find something really interesting. Feel free to experiment with different crops and invent new farming methods.

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let the tree grow

For normal plants to grow, they need more light. Let’s shine more light on them and see how they react when exposed to sunlight. There are light-loving plants, but there are also light-loving and light-loving plants. There is no reason to have plants that don’t like light. Find out why and change them to adapt to the new environment. Discovered many unusual properties of plants and forced them to stand in the sun and gradually metamorphose. There are several things you can do to get them to love the light again. Don’t let your tree die without fruit.

Toca Lab Plants mod apk free

water the tree

Plants cannot survive without something as essential as water. Water keeps them alive and helps them withstand drought. What if you pump too much or too little? Not sure how it would react to this. Maybe he got mad at what you did and cursed for a while. Some plants happily enjoy the cool water without thinking. Trees are just as capricious as humans. Know anger, joy, sadness when conducting research experiments. Put them in the water tank and drain the water to see if they can float or sink in it.

Toca Lab tree mod apk

plant breeding

To create new plant varieties, we need to use the method of outcrossing on plants. When you combine any two random plants that you own, a completely new hybrid is generated. It may carry a genome superior to previous generations. Creates extremely unusual abilities that make them unique. All plants in your laboratory can be used for this purpose. Research and breed new plant varieties with higher capabilities and advantages than previous varieties. Create hundreds of different plants with different effects and personalities. Become a professional breeder.

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Toca Lab Plants Mod Download

clone plants

These crops can be cloned using a mirror you own. With this strange machine, when adding any plant, it will create 5 more varieties of the same plant. Their properties do not differ due to the same state. These versions are the source material for future testing. Extremely advanced science and technology is applied to these interesting plants. Let them change according to our arrangement. There are countless other interesting things waiting for you to discover. Download the Toca Lab: Plants mod to perform special experiments with your favorite plants.

Download Toca’s Lab: Plants APK for Android

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