Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All Lucky Dice Locations In Brighthoof

exist Little Tina’s Wonderland, The Makers of Fate must find 20 Lucky Dice locations throughout Brighthoof. Serving as the game’s base of operations, Brighthoof has plenty of paths to explore and rooftops to climb. Lucky dice are scattered throughout the map, but not all of them are obtained upon first entering the location. Instead, players should consider beating the game first, as all Lucky Dice locations will be available once the main story is complete.

Finding the position of each lucky dice is one of the best post-game activities Little Tina’s Wonderland for the player to complete. A total of 260 Lucky Dice can be found throughout the game, and every time one is found, the player receives a permanent Loot Luck stat bonus. If all 260 are found, a permanent 35% bonus remains active in all events and chests. Fatemakers will want the highest Loot Luck possible chaos room at the end of the game.

this chaos room is end-game content, consisting of random dungeons filled with random enemies, bosses, and challenges. This is the time Little Tina’s Wonderland, players can get the equipment they want more easily just by finding more lucky dice to increase the lucky value. The Luck boost applies not only to the rewards of defeating enemies on your own, but also to the trophy bunnies and any gear they reward.

All lucky dice in Brighthoof

All lucky dice below are referenced from the map when the compass points north. Also, all locations reference one of the major landmarks or markers on the map, so be sure to keep an eye out for buildings in the area when looking for any lucky dice. Little Tina’s Wonderland.

  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 1: Jump into the well south of the map to find the first Lucky Dice.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 2: From the statue south, turn left towards the Rebirth Beacon, then go around the corner to find the next Lucky Dice below the deck.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 3: From the south statue, go through the left archway and go up the stairs to find the next Lucky Dice.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 4: From the third Lucky Dice location, follow the stairs down the pipe. Climb to the top of the box with the NPC, climb the pipe and continue to the roof of the building to find the Lucky Dice.
  • Brighthoof 5 lucky dice: Go to the dry river flowing to the southeast. The next lucky dice position is at Little Tina’s Wonderland Below deck on the right.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 6: From the sixth Lucky Dice location, turn slightly left and follow the river a few steps down to find the next one.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 7: Enter Izzy’s Fizzies and take the stairs to the top of the building. Lucky dice are placed under the second staircase to the top.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 8: Continue to the top of Izzy’s Fizzies. Go through the grid at the top to get to the purple elevator, then take the elevator across to find the next Lucky Dice on the roof of the next building.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 9: Face Hawker’s Walk on the west side of the map, go up the stairs on the right, jump on the railing to get to the roof, then go behind the roof to find the next Lucky Dice location Little Tina’s Wonderland.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 10: Facing Hawker’s Walk again, turn left at the corner and take the stairs. Go back, then use the chests to jump upstairs and find the lucky dice behind some of the chests.
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Lucky Dice in Wonderland by Tiny Tina in Brighthoof

  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 11: Facing Izzy’s Fizzies from the south entrance, turn right and climb the box to the deck next to the hammerhead shark dangling. Jump on the shark’s dangling pole, then head up to the roof to find the next Lucky Dice.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 12: From the previous Lucky Dice location, jump into the dry river on the left, then turn right to find the next location Little Tina’s Wonderland at the end of the road.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 13: Face Izzy’s Fizzies from the same side as before, go down the left stairs to the next floor, then go down the next set of stairs. Instead of taking the stairs, turn right to find the lucky dice hidden behind the box.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 14: Exit the box area, then look through the deck to find a cannon. Shoot the TNT barrel below the cannon to the left, then find the next lucky dice in the room where the cannon opens.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 15: In the northeast corner near the Brighthoof exit, shoot three smaller targets to open the door above them to find the next Lucky Dice location Little Tina’s Wonderland.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 16: Face Izzy’s Fizzies from the south entrance, jump into the riverbed on the right, then turn around. Go into the sewer and find the Lucky Dice on the other side.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 17: Facing the Harbodside sign to the west of Brighthoof, where the Torgue is, take the path to the right, then hop over to land on the rocks below. In addition to the beams that support the deck, Lucky Dice sits right on the cliff edge.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 18: Facing Torgue, look over the edge of the dock to see the wreck. Go inside to find the next lucky dice Little Tina’s Wonderland.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 19: Get devil Quest, go to the well in the south, follow the right path that was closed earlier. Go down to the underground church, then turn right, left, left, left, left, then round the right corner. Climb the latter to find Lucky Dice.
  • Brighthoof Lucky Dice 20: After finishing the game, go through the gate towards the castle, then immediately turn right. The last lucky dice lies behind a bush parallel to the statue.
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Little Tina’s Wonderland Compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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