Thunderbolts Can Still Have Its Red Hulk If These MCU Teases Are True

The announced lineup is bolt The Red Hulk has gone missing, but if some Marvel Cinematic Universe teaser is to be believed, the infamous character could still show up. She-Hulk: Lawyer. The official lineup for Marvel Studios’ first Thunderbolt team was revealed at D23 Expo 2022, and it includes several returning villains and anti-heroes from previous MCU projects. However, one of the most notorious characters in Marvel Comics’ Team Thunder has unfortunately disappeared. But She is heavy Chances are created for the characters to appear.

Red Hulk debuted in Marvel Comics in 2008 Green Giant (Episode 2) #1 It was later revealed to be the alternate self of General Thaddeus “Thunder” Ross, played by the late William Hurt in the MCU, who led an unfunded Thunderbolt group in 2012. Be amazed now! Restart the event. Red Hulk has become synonymous with Team Thunder, but after Hurt’s tragic death in March 2022, the rebellious but intelligent Hulk’s potential in the MCU has been called into question. However, Marvel Studios’ latest Disney+ series, She-Hulk: Attorney, Possibly a subtle hint of another background character taking on the role of Red Hulk in the MCU.

She-Hulk: Lawyer The Banner/Walters family have adapted to having two Hulks on the dinner table instead of just one, but some viewers are now speculating that another member of their family, cousin Chade, could inherit the class. Red Hulk shirt. She is heavy episode 1, normal anger level, But it didn’t show up until episode 2, superman law Chade can be considered the least important member of the Banner/Walters family, with Bruce and Jen themselves joking that their cousin is not a genius. Even so, some subtle hints may have been overlooked, which could indicate that Chade will become even more important in the future of the MCU, especially in the upcoming installment. bolt project (many thanks to Reddit user Happy_Lil_Atoms in theory!).

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How Chade, She-Hulk’s cousin, is teased as the Red Hulk

It’s possible that Ched has the same genetics that allow both Bruce and Jen to synthesize gamma radiation, so it’s entirely possible that Ched could be the MCU’s Red Hulk. She-Hulk: Lawyer, Chade always wears red: a red shirt on the dinner table, a red shirt, and red-soled shoes at the end of each episode. Viewers know that superpowered cousins ​​don’t fully appreciate their cousins, so Chade may be motivated to prove he’s just as good as them, especially when people found that he tended to be better than his family – which he, later in, was fired from the District Attorney’s Office when she was promoted to Best Buy manager.

These hints might just be a coincidence, but if Chade becomes the Red Hulk in the MCU, there’s an interesting dynamic between Hulk, She-Hulk and their cousins, especially if Chade is in the MCU. Team Thunder takes a place in the team. Despite Bruce and Jen’s flaws, their goal has always been to be good heroes, but if Red Hulk follows his comic counterpart’s story, he’s unlikely to have the same goals. , and not only the Banner / Walters family is heterogeneous in . , but also the odd number in the Hulk team. She-Hulk: Lawyer There are still a few episodes left, so this one could easily showcase Red Hulk’s intro before he shows up in 2024. bolt.

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