Three down updates — Thousands without service & internet as outage hits mobile networks including Smarty

How to test your internet speed

There are loads of online tools that let you test your internet speed.

But arguably the most popular is by Ookla (a US data firm), which you can find here.

You can also download the app here:

It tests your speeds in a number of ways using local servers, giving you a fairly accurate representation of your real-world download speeds.

Remember that if you’re testing on mobile, make sure you’re connected to WiFi to test the broadband speed. Otherwise, you’ll be checking your mobile speeds instead.

So are you getting the right speeds?

Check with your internet provider, log into your broadband account or take a look at your bill to find details of your package.

A simple search should tell you what speed you’re getting.

Most reports focus on phone signal

Most users have been left without signal this morning, according to DownDetector.

25% of reports also claim the entire Three network is down, although this has not been confirmed.

Not the first outage this year

Three’s mobile network also went down in March, frustrating customers.

At the time, one person took to Twitter/X and said: “One of my Three network mobile phones is showing no internet connection.”

Another said: “My phone is saying emergency calls only. Rebooting hasn’t helped.”

“I can’t seem to call anyone on the Three network,” said a third person.

Issues mainly focused in London

The majority of reports are coming from London as Three suffers network issues this morning.

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The map below is provided by DownDetector.

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