Thomas Barrack Was Charged For Allegedly Working As A Foreign Agent For UAE

Thomas Barrack, a 75-year-old private equity entrepreneur and major Trump fundraiser was indicted on 20 July 2021 for allegedly acting as a foreign agent for the benefit of the Emirs. United Arab Emirates. The indictment covers the period from 2016 to 2018, when Thomas Barrack is accused of illegally collaborating with the UAE to promote Trump’s campaign. According to Reuters, UAE authorities allegedly paid Barrack to promote UAE interests privately and instruct him on what to say during TV appearances. Prosecutors allege that Barrack used his relationship with the UAE to influence Trump’s actions.

Prosecutors also allege that Barrack used his personal relationship with Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign to influence Trump’s foreign policy views. According to CBS, Barrack is accused of being an agent working for a foreign entity, obstructing justice and making false statements to law enforcement. He was arrested in July 2021 and spent two days in jail before being released on $250 million bail. Barrack will face charges later this month in federal court in Brooklyn, with jury selection beginning Monday, September 19.

Everything you need to know about Thomas Barrack

After graduating from USC Gould Law School in 1972, Thomas Barrack, a Lebanese American who grew up in Culver City, California, began his legal career. According to Fortuna, the year he graduated, he began working for a law firm run by Herbert W. Kalmbach, then a consultant to Richard Nixon. Due to his job at a law firm, he was sent to Saudi Arabia, where he built relationships and worked for members of the Saudi royal family.

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According to the New York Times, Thomas Barrack and Donald Trump’s acquaintance dates back to 1985, when Barrack became a well-known investor with investments in several hotels and department stores. Barrack first met Trump after selling him shares in a company.

By 1990, according to Fortune, Barrack had built a formidable personal empire with a portfolio worth $25 billion. However, he is best known for participating in the 2016 US presidential election, when he supported Donald Trump to run for president. According to the New York Times, Barrack’s ties to the Saudi monarchy have played a helpful role in softening Trump’s image as an anti-Muslim.

Prosecutors say that in the run-up to the 2016 election, Thomas Barrack contacted several UAE officials to ask for permission to read the then-candidate’s campaign speeches. According to the Wall Street Journal, the United Arab Emirates government has made recommendations on who should be the US ambassador to Abu Dhabi through Barrack.

Barracks Thomas

A representative for the UAE indicated in an official statement that it would not comment on the allegations.

According to the statement:

“The UAE respects the sovereignty of nations, as well as their laws and regulations, as a matter of principle.”

In the indictment, Matthew Grimes and Rashid al-Malik are designated as Barrack’s alleged accomplices. Grimes, a 27-year-old employee, is said to have helped Barrack contact UAE authorities. Rashid Al-Malik, 43, a UAE national, is suspected of being an intermediary between the Americans and official UAE sources. Barrack and Grimes were charged with one count of conspiracy and one count of acting as foreign agents without notifying the Department of Justice under Section 951 of the Penal Code. They face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

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I’m just saving time by assuming they’re all criminals.

– The prosecutor is not the president (@mhoptman) September 19, 2022

Thomas Barrack, Trump’s close friend from FMR, receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the United Arab Emirates

Jared Kushner received $2 billion from Mohammed Bone Saw

Mnuchin receives $1 billion from MBS

Flynn received more than $500,000 from Türkiye

Trump and his swindlers sold out America for bloodshed

– Jet Li (@lindyli) September 19, 2022

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