This video will overwhelm you with so many emotions. The dog kept jumping up and down with joy when he was reunited with his owner

When the people we love come home from a long time away, it’s truly touching and heartwarming.

Like humans, dogs also have deep emotions, for them having a loved one by their side is a great gift.

The owner of the golden retriever is in training and the dog misses his mother very much.

Their separation makes their bond even stronger, and the dog’s overwhelming emotion when he meets his owner again will melt your heart.

The dog jumped for joy when he saw his owner return from a training trip. The dog licked the woman and couldn’t hide his happiness. Their reunion was emotional.

The scene was filmed. The loyalty of dogs to human friends is unmatched. After watching this video, surely everyone wants dogs to love them because they are true friends.

We must not underestimate the true feelings of animals and always appreciate their presence. They are very sensitive to who they are.

Here is the video:

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