This is a cute puppy named Oreo Cloud just like Oreo Mclurry Fluff

Cute puppy named Oreo Cloud. A dog like Oreo Mclurry Fluff. The cute dog image became famous on social networks.

The dog melts hearts with his cute looks. The dog is so cute. One cannot just walk past a stuffed dog.

The dog’s real name is Chief. The dog was named Chief because it likes to be the leader, not the stalker. A dog can weigh 85 pounds.

People call the dog Oreo Cloud because he looks a lot like the Oreo Mclurry Fluff. Dog owners prefer the dog nickname because it is specific to the dog.

The dog loves to pounce on things and behave as if it has been trained. The dog is big but very gentle and friendly. The dog loves to be petted and snores very loudly.

A dog can make a sweet therapy dog ​​because of its good nature. A dog can bring a smile to everyone’s face.

He can light up everyone’s darkest days. The dog has an Instagram account and attracts many people with cute photos.

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