They filmed a large leopard rushing in front of a man in a wheelchair

People consider dogs to be man’s best and most loyal friend. It’s amazing how people find comfort and true friendship in other animals.

Joan Lascorz, a race car driver, had a real friendship with the leopard. In 2012, the Spaniard was involved in a motorcycle accident in Italy.

The man is in a wheelchair and cannot use his lower extremities. The man has been raising the leopard since it was a small kitten.

The man knows how to get the attention and trust of cats. While it may seem rather dangerous and difficult to live with a cheetah, in this case, their relationship is too close.

The man and the leopard are always together. Wherever the man went, the leopard followed him.

Although the large cat is healthy, it is very gentle with its owner. That is evident in the video the man shared on his Instagram account.

A man rubs his nose against a leopard’s nose. A leopard licks its face. They hug each other. The scene is touching and very emotional. The leopard rests its head on its owner’s lap.

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