There Are Too Many Animated Kids Films About Yetis: What Is Hollywood Doing?

Cartoons about snowmen have become so popular in the past year, so what is Hollywood doing? Yeti – or Abominable Snowman as it is sometimes called – is no stranger to appearing in popular animated films. Voiced by John Ratzenberger Monsters, Inc. And Monsters UniversityAnd Bumble from Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer It’s a classic example of mythical beasts.

It is said that the Yeti has never been more attractive. Hollywood’s apparent obsession with these creatures began last year with the release of tiny paws – tells the story of a snowman who discovers a human presence – and continues earlier this year link is missing Shows humans trying to help Bigfoot find his yeti cousin. The latest example of a snowman takeover is obnoxious, about a group of children led by Yi (Chloe Bennet) as they attempt to return the mystical creature to its family. For all three of these films, Yeti is their main ingredient, making us wonder why they have become so popular.

as discussed recently rant screen videos focus on obnoxiousVery strange trend. It’s odd that three films featuring the same mythical character come out in such a short amount of time, especially since Yetis has traditionally not received much attention. So why is this happening now? There hasn’t been a single human-centered animated film that has done well lately, so this isn’t an example of a studio copying the recipe for success. Instead, the answer may just be a strange coincidence that has so many Yeti movies released close together, something happens in Hollywood and does happen, but not always about Yeti.

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If we dig into the production schedule tiny paws, link is missingAnd obnoxious, and that’s where this haunting coincidence begins. While live-action films can often turn around in just a few years, animated films have a much longer process. obnoxious This may be Yeti’s most recent film, but it’s actually a project DreamWorks has wanted to work on since 2010. In late 2016, the studio was finally able to set a release date for the film. 2019.

under normal conditions, obnoxious It could have been released years ago without causing development frustration. At the same time, develop tiny paws Production began in 2016, filming officially began in May 2017 and was released in September 2018. tiny paws happen more obnoxiousLeica announced link is missing Released in early 2018 and released in April this year. If all three movies had been released in five years instead of one, the yeti craze might not have been as dramatic.

That still leaves us with three Hollywood animated movies about yeti, though, which still leaves us wondering why there’s such a special emphasis on these creatures. It’s possible that they didn’t pay much attention to these films before, so having Yeti play a prominent role could help each of these films stand out. Now that all these movies are out, the question is whether this trend will continue.

The chance for Hollywood to make more Snowman-themed movies depends on tiny paws, link is missingAnd obnoxious. because tiny pawsThe film grossed $214 million worldwide after receiving a positive review (76% on Rotten Tomatoes). link is missing It followed with mostly positive reviews (89% on RT), but it only grossed $26 million worldwide. obnoxious It turned out to be an early hit, with an 83% rating, grossing $129 million in just over a month, and only recently hitting theaters in China. Animated films starring Yetis may not seem like the key to success, but recent releases have spawned three hugely popular films, two of which should have been a commercial hit. box office, so perhaps Hollywood has something to offer here.

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